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Ghar Ek Mandir 10th November 2021 Anuradha says she took the money, Kundan asks why, Anuradha looks at Genda and remembers saying to Genda that Kundan won’t mind and trust her. Anuradha says I have important work, you trust me right, Kundan says no I don’t, you have no brains to earn or spend, have you earned a single penny, I needed that money and had saved them, how could you. what did you do with it.

Genda thinks Anuradha is trying to test Kundan, Anuradha says you think I am wrong then why you want reason and do I have no right to spend money and you scolding infront of kids, Kundan says so that they don’t do it too and you are a women who knows nothing, not to earn or spend, Anuradha feels bad.

Genda says Papaji, Kundan says you shutup, Anuradha says let her talk she helped me, Nisha thinks she hated her till yesterday and today praising her. Kundan says I should have understood this girl must have created this bad situation, Varun says Genda tell me where did you two spend the money, Anuradha says I spent the money, why ask her and don’t you trust your mother,

Nisha Manish do you trust me. Kundan says you hurt me Anuradha, Genda says she hasn’t, her mother was in hospital and doctor asked for urgent money or we would loose her mother and she kept trying to reach you and Varun, even tried asking others for help and last choice was this to transfer money to hospital and Varun why are you quiet now, Manish, Nisha, tell me what should have mummyji do, wait till you all come and let her mother suffer and what is this, she has been looking after the house all the time but she has no right over money, what rule is this

Kundan says Anuradha ehy didn’t you tell me, Anuradha says good I didn’t, or else I would never know, I have no right over money and you don’t trust me, and I thought I can take the money and you won’t get upset, and for 2.5 lakhs you said I have no brains or right, and my son Manish and Varun, I thought they will stand by me but look at them and this girl Genda, who has no relation with me,

stood by me helped me, and my life taught me today a women should never let her be so week, that someone can control her, I had so much pride over you, my family and today you made me feel so low and all I can say is no one should be like me, no women, she has to be strong and capable like Genda, I have nothing else to say and leaves.

Genda looks at Varun, Varun feels ashamed. Shivam walks in and says I burst so many crackers and it was fun too. Maharaji comes in and distribute sweets and says Anuradha cooked this special laddo and you like it right Kundan, Kundan says Mahalakshmi is upset with this family, Maharaji says God never gets upset we do, because we don’t get what we asked for, God just expects faith and patience from us, have this.

Genda in her room, thinking about Varun’s behaviour, Varun walks in and says I am sorry, Genda asks why, Varun says I could never do what you did for mummy, I am very happy and proud of you, Anuradha walks in and says I was here to thank Genda, Varun says you upset with me, Anuradha says no I am not, I was disappointed but Genda filled your place and you are one for me.

Anuradha says I am proud of you Genda and hugs Varun and Genda, and says keep supporting eachother, Varun holds Genda’s hand and says I will, Anuradha says bring this familes reputation and peace back, Genda says bless us we fulfill your wish. Varun says I told Genda she can never be like you, Anuradha says there are many like me but no one like her, she is great the way she is, now go to sleep and yes don’t forget I soon want a little Varun and leaves.

Genda blushes, Varun says why blush, Genda says I am not, and didn’t you hear she liked me, Varun says she said something about little Varun, Genda says I will go change.

Genda in her dreams, looking for Varun and feels lost, and says Varun where are you please come near me and starts crying, Genda realises she is Maharaj Agrasen temple and Maharaji walks to her,

Genda says Maharaji you back after so long, Maharaji says I was always here you stopped coming because you were upset, Genda says I was upset with myself and so happy to see you and you aren’t upset right, Maharaji says I can never be upset with you or forget you, Genda says I feel like my old self meeting you, like I found myself after so long and very happy, Maharaji blesses Genda and says always be happy.
Genda wakes up and thinks Maharaji came back after so long, definitely something good is going to happen.

Maharaji calls Genda as Lakshmi and asks you look happy after so long, like you met someone close. Genda says yes, someone who gives me confidence and now I can fight any problem, will you have tea. Maharaji says sure and thinks Genda now you completely ready.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Genda helps Anuradha she will clean the room.Anuradha says to Nisha she is making tea for Genda, and asks will she have to.Kundan says to Anuradha have you forgotten about your husband.Genda while cleaning cupboard top finds a photo and says mummyji hide this big thing from me

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Telecast Date:10th November 2021
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