Gathbandhan Update 11th March 2019 Dhanak and Raghu’s love moments


Dhanak’s wholehearted apology to Raghu , accepts love

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Gathbandhan is up for high voltage drama.Dhanak and Raghu’s life seems to take new turn as Raghu has changed himself for Dhanak.Raghu has endangered his life and put risk over himself for earning money by good means.

Raghu wants to buy a saree for Dhanak for muhdikhayi ceremony and knows that she will never take saree earned with wrong money.Here Raghu thus risked his life for earning money and had got a saree for Dhanak but she is unaware of how Raghu has changed himself for her.

Raghu has worked as stuntman to earn good money of his hard work, Raghu has brought saree for Dhanak.Dhanak refuses Raghu’s gift and insults his love, while Dhanak soon realise that she had done wrong.Dhanak realise that Raghu had worked hard to get this gift for her and now she goes to apologize to him.

Dhanak folds hands to apologize to Raghu and shares moment of love with each other.Dhanak insults the gift Raghu has brought and throws it away and insults Raghu’s love.Raghu is all disheartened with Dhanak’s this behavior and feels bad for what all happened.

What more drama will unfold when Maya will see Raghu and Dhanak’s this closeness.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes


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