Gathbandhan 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gathbandhan 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Gathbandhan Written Update on

Gathbandhan 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Sejal meets Raghu. Akshay is hiding in Ronak’s room with Mai’s body. Kalavati looks on. They are about to go to Ronak’s room but Kalavati stops them and says Ronak is sleeping so Sejal can stay in Dhanak’s room. They leave.Mai tries to wake up but Akshay grabs her and faints her again.

Dhanak tells Mai that Sejal will stay in the guest room, fake Mai leaves. Dhanak tells Sejal that we have to find Mai.

At the night, Raghu is sleeping but wakes up and sees Ronak and Dhanak there. Dhanak says Ronak wanted to sleep with you. Dhanak thinks that I will protect Raghu. Ronak asks Dhanak to sleep with them. Dhanak sits on the other side of the bed. Raghu lovingly looks at her.

In the morning, Dhanak comes to Ronak’s room and finds message written in blood about Raghu’s life in danger. Dhanak is shocked. A flashback shows how real Mai had written it with her blood. Dhanak thinks that Raghu’s life is in danger.

Fake Mai gifts a bracelet to Raghu and says this is Devi’s blessing, wear it and then pray. He wears it. Fake Mai thinks that now a blast will happen. They start pooja. Dhanak is running to save Raghu. Akshay keeps an eye on Raghu. Fake Mai thinks that Dhanak must be coming here to see him die. Fake Mai leaves from there and thinks that soon blast will happen. Akshay thinks that soon this game will end. Raghu is about to start the aarti, his bracelet catches fire and Dhanak hears a blast sound. She shocked and says Raghu. She comes to see Raghu blowing off the fire. A flashback shows how a cloth caught the fire and he is safe. dhanak rushes to him and thanks to the Lord. She takes Raghu from there.


Gathbandhan 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhanak tells Raghu that the woman living with us is not Mai. Her name is Kalavati. He says what are you saying? Dhanak shows him the video of fake Mai.


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