Gathbandhan 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gathbandhan 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Gathbandhan Written Update on

Gathbandhan 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Akshay tells Kalavati (Fake Mai) that you have to do my work otherwise you know.. she is scared and says you brought me to Mumbai. A flashback shows how Akshay had met that fake Mai on the day on Karvachauth on the road and how he kidnapped Savitri Mai and brought the fake Mai in the house. He says then you cheated me. Kalavati says this won’t happen again. Akshay gives her the money and says I can burn you alive if you do the mistake away. She says I will teach that Dhanak a lesson.

Kalavati comes to Ronak’s room and gets Akshay’s phone, she thinks that Dhanak didn’t get anything. Dhanak hides and recalls how she couldn’t turn on the phone but she took out the sim and had put the fake sim in. Fake Mai leaves. Dhanak takes the sim and puts it inside, she calls the call center and asks for the owner of the sim but he doesn’t tell her. Dhanak says I will keep this with me. Raghu comes there and says I got to know that you have a big heart, mai is happy and I am happy too. Dhanak laughs seeing his two-colored slippers. He says I didn’t get time. Dhanak thinks that soon I will tell him the truth.

Scene 2
Ronak asks Raghu about the twins. Raghu says there are 7 people of the same faces in the world. Dhanak says what about Mai? Raghu says Mai is special, no one can be like her.

Fake Mai brings Dhanak to a place and says I can kill the Mai if you don’t listen to me. Dhanak says you think you can scare me? I will teach you a lesson. Kalavati says I will put you in place. She shows her Mai on a gunpoint. Dhanak tries to run to her but fake Mai stops her and shows her the dogs, she says if you go near her then they can eat her. Mai tells Dhanak to listen to them, they are dangerous. Fake Mai tells Dhanak to not spoil her plans.

Real Mai is tied to a chair, she prays for God to give her a chance, she will leave all bad things.

Dhanak hears her phone ringing and the man says that woman.. call ends. Dhanak says did something happen with Mai?


Gathbandhan 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Real Mai enters the house and Ronak sees her. Kalavati comes there and sees her, she says how did real Savitri come here.


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