Gathbandhan 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gathbandhan 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Gathbandhan Written Update on

Gathbandhan 1st November 2019 Episode Start With Raghu and others sitting to eat. Fake Mai thinks that she changed the game but I have Mai in my grip. Dhanak brings the food and whispers to Mai that be careful, you can die eating this. Fake Mai is shocked and throws it away, she says Dhanak might have poisoned it. Dhanak eats it and acts hurt, she says nothing happened to me, you are like my mother, how could I poison it? Raghu I made it with love for her. Raghu asks Mai to not doubt too much. Dhanak smirks and thinks that this is just a start.

Fake Mai calls someone and says I am sorry, this won’t happen again, she ends the call and says I won’t spare that Dhanak, she wants to play so now she will see me playing.

Dhanak prays to the lord and says I will find out about that woman, she will attack me but give me strength.

Dhanak installs a camera in Ronak’s car and takes it to fake Mai’s room using a remote. Fake Mai says Dhanak is destroying my plan, I have to do something. Dhanak looks at the camera using the car. Dhanak uses the car to take Mai’s phone. Fake Mai doesn’t see it and Dhanak’s car takes the phone from there. The car comes to Dhanak and she gets the phone. She calls a number from the log and hears ringing from a phone. she finds the phone in Ronak’s room but the phone is not working. Dhanak says she is talking to someone from the house, this is not Saku’s phone, Mai doesn’t have a twin sister so someone might have sent her to do his work but who? he left his phone here so he wouldn’t be caught.

Scene 2
Fake Mai says sorry to her boss and says Dhanak is clever. Forgive me, please. Boss turns and it’s Akshay. Akshay grabs her face and says you destroyed my plan, Dhanak might have caught me. I saw Dhanak with your phone and saw her calling me so I left the phone in Ronak’s room. He says I don’t care about you but Dhanak can’t find about me. Fake Mai says this won’t happen again. Akshay burns Raghu’s photo and thinks that Dhanak gave me a reason to live so I have to get her, I will get her and Ronak even if I have to kill Raghu, I promise to marry you Dhanak. Akshay says Galavati (Fake Mai’s name) listen to me, don’t forget your work here.

Gathbandhan 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Fake Mai brings Dhanak to a place and says if you make me angry then your Mai is in danger. Dhanak says I am not scared of you. Fake Mai shows her something which shocks Dhanak.


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