Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2022 Bulbil recalls seeing the car from Dehli. She said I found the way. She hid in their car. Bulbil comes out of the car. She says such a big house? Dadi sees her again. She says you.. What are you doing here? Bulbul says you’re so rich. Such a big house? I am ready to be your DIL.

Dadi says you’re not Pakhi, you’re different from her. She says yes your DIL can’t be as beautiful. I can make it a movie. The heroin dies and another one comes and saves them. I have a huge show here. I have to stay here for 3 days. I fled from the house. Let me stay here for 3 days. I dance very well. A ball hits her. Agastya comes out. Agastya sees her back. He says my ball.. Bulbul turns back.

Agastya is shocked. Bulbul says take your ball. He hides behind the pillar. He says I will tell mummy you took my ball. Bulbul says I am no scared of her.. He says mama.. dadi stops him. Bulbul gives him candies. She says we will become friends. Agastya takes the candy. Dadi smiles. He hugs her. He says best friends? She says yes. Agastya goes back in.

Naveli comes out. She sees Bulbul. She’s shocked. Naveli says bhabhi.. The nurse asks Agastya to take his medicine. He doesn’t take it. Mira comes. He says my new friend gave me these candies mama. She says who new friend? Agastya says she’s with dadi outside. Dadi tells Naveli she’s not Pakhi. She’s Bulbul.

Naveli says she’s same to same. Bulbul says your DIL cannot be as beautiful as me. Naveli says yeah you can’t be Pakhi. Look at how you talk. Mira comes. Bulbul hides. Mira says which new friend? She asks dadi who is the new friend? Who gave Agastya this candy? dadi says which new friend? I gave it to her. Agastya says she’s lying. Dadi don’t lie. He bites on her hand.. Mira says stop.. Agastya shoves Mira. Agastya says she’s a liar. Where’s my friend?

Mira gets angry and says you crossed your limit? You lied to me. Agastya says no she’s lying. I met her. Dadi says in heart I can’t tell the truth. I will see if Bulbul can make you better. Mira locks him in the store. Agastya screams and cries. Mira says no one will get him out. Agastya cries and says mama I am not lying. Mira leaves. Bulbul hears Agastya crying. He says mama please get me out.

Naveli says see what you did. Bulbul says why do you live with that woman? Naveli says you won’t live here. Bulbul says where would I go at night? Dadi says let me think. Bulbul says let me tell her you lied to that woman. Naveli says okay stay. But stay hidden. She says won’t you get me bed?

Naveli says stay hidden there. Agastya cries. Dadi says Agastya please try to sleep. Agastya cries inside. Dadi cries outside. Bulbul peeks in. Naveli says nani please eat. She cries and says I can’t eat. My son is locked like an animal. How can I eat. Naveli says we’ve to be strong. We can’t help him. She makes her eat. Dadi cries. Bulbul looks at them. Dadi sits outside the door.

Bulbul peeks in from the glass. Agastya looks at her. Bulbul makes him smiles. She says I am sorry. It happened because of me. I didn’t do it intentionally. I am your best friend. Please sleep. When you wake up everything will be fine. Don’t cry. I will get you a lot of candies. Pakhi makes him smile. Agastya laughs. Dadi looks at them. They play and laugh. She says whoever sleeps first will get more candies.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
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