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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th July 2022 Pakhi says you keep talking about technology like your dad. Tara says what did you say, mama? Don’t get sad. Tara cheers up kids to make Pakhi’s event a success. Ishaan hits the punching bag.

He has Pakhi’s name tattoed on his chest. He says you’re a part of me Pakhi. I wanted to take you from Agastya and you left me too. I won’t give up. I will find you. Agastya says I have faith we will reunite.

Pakhi says I had to protect my daughter from you and I will never let you meet him. Agastya says our fate will reunite. Pakhi says I don’t even wanna see your face again. I am so sorry my family.

I had to go away from you to save you all and Tara from Agastya. She says I will always protect Tara from Agastya. Tara hugs Pakhi in sleep. She says Tara won’t even know about you.

Scene 2
The next morning Tara studies with Pakhi. Tara says we have a young Einstien competition. I will win it. WE have to go to Dehli for this competition. Pakhi is shocked. Tara says we will have so much fun there.

Pakhi says there’s so much pollution you will get sick. You won’t go out to Shimla. Tara says you also come with me. Pakhi says I told you, you won’t go anywhere. Pakhi says in her heart I can’t send you where Agastya is.

Someone throws another threat to Agastya to shut down his project. Naveli says private companies want us to shut down this project. Dadi says did you tell the police? Agastya says yes I’ve informed them. Don’t worry. I wanna help those kids have a new life. They can have a normal life. Agastya gets a call from Payal. Dadi says take her call. She really likes you. Agastya says I have only loved Pakhi and will always love her.

Scene 3
Pakhi comes to the school and asks the principal where is Tara? She’s left for Dehli? I never gave her permission. PRincicapl says she said you named her friend’s mom as her guardian and gave permission.

Pakhi is shocked. Tara says sorry mama but I really wanna win. Pakhi looks for Tara. She finds her and says why did you lie? You won’t go there. Tara says please let me go there. I really want to. Pakhi says no one will go there. Tara says let me go there I will agree to everything you say. Pakhi says we won’t go there.

Tara tries to convince her. The principal says why are you stopping her? Pakhi says you know everything. Agastya can find her. The principal says it’s been 6 years. Don’t compromise on her growth.

She can win this competition. Don’t do this. You can also go with her. Pakhi says if I go there Agastya will find out. She says why would Agastya know in such a big city.

Naveli and Agastya discuss the young Einsiten program for kids at their hospital. He says there are many intelligent kids here, we need to give them a platform. I am so excited to meet those kids.

Naveli says there are so many registrations. Naveli and Pakhi check the files. Pakhi says okay we will go but for 2 days only. Tara hugs her and says I am so happy. Payal comes and says Agastya.. I called you so many times. He says I was busy. She says you can involve me in your business. He says I’ve to get ready for the competition. She says I will come too. Agastya leaves. Naveli leaves too.

Pakhi and Tara arrive at the hotel. Tara says we will stay here. I know everything. Pakhi says what? She says that you’re hiding some secret.

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