Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th July 2022 Someone shoots Ishaan. He falls down. It’s the inspector. He says I shot not you. Pakhi says we need to rush Agastya to the hospital. Pakhi rushes Agastya to the hospital. She cries. Tara comes there.

She hugs Pakhi and asks where is papa. Pakhi says he is coming. He’s a bit injured but he will be fine. Tara says are you lying because you think I will cry? Pakhi says it’s a small injury. Mira is in the same hospital. She takes out a knife and says you made Yug against me too Agastya and sent him to London.

Get ready for my attack. She goes to his room and cuts his picture. She dresses as a nurse. Tara prays for Agastya. Naveli tells Pakhi operation was successful, the bullet is taken out. Tara says yayy. They go to meet Agastya.

The doctor says he will be unconscious for a day to two. Tara says I will stay here too. Pakhi says you can’t stay here. She says I want to be with papa. Daadi says let her stay. Mira comes there as a nurse.

Mira says Ishaan got killed by his overconfidence but I am alive. No one can save you both from me. Tara and Pakhi pray for Agastya.

They sit in his room. Pakhi says he’s resting, he’s tired. He is seeing a dream where we are all together. Once he’s back home we will always be together. Mira looks at them. Pakhi feels like she saw someone. Pakhi stops her. Mira’s mask falls. The doctor comes. Pakhi goes with him.

Scene 2
Dadi calls Pakhi. SHe tells Samir Agastya is doing a lot better. She says why do you look upset? He says Mira is out of jail. She is very dangerous. Dadi says you’re right. We should pressurize the police to arrest her. Tara cries in her sleep. Pakhi hugs her and asks what happened. She says I saw a bad dream. Ishaan was hurting us.

Pakhi says he will never hurt us again. She says let’s go get chocolate from the canteen for you. They go out. Pakhi says we will go to picnic with papa. She feels like someone is there. Mira goes inside Agastya’s room. She says no one can save you now. Mira takes out an injection. She takes off Agastya’s msk.

Pakhi comes back on the corridor and says how are lights off? She rushes to Agastya’s room. He can’t breathe. Pakhi says who are you people? What were you doing with him? Mira and her men run. Pakhi grabs her, she screams for help.

Tara tries to stop Mira. Pakhi says the oxygen is taken off. The doctor comes in. She says two people came here and did it. tara says who were they? Pakhi says in heart was it, Mira? They put Agastya back on life support. Pakhi says to call the security. Tara asks Pakhi if she knows that woman.

Mira says Pakhi ruined my plan. How did she come there? Pakhi meets the inspector and says I am sure it was Mira. It was the same height and eyes. Samir says she is very dangerous. Pakhi says why can’t we stay happy for long.

Tara screams papa.. They go in. Agastya is conscious. Pakhi is shocked. Tara hugs Agastya. She says I prayed for you to open eyes. Agastya looks at Pakhi. Tara holds hand with both of them. Agastya says I could never hurt you Pakhi.

Pakhi says will you be able to forgive me? I got you so wrong. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Agastya says don’t say that. We will always live together. Tara says mama will you kiss papa? Agastya laughs. He hugss both of them.

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