Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2022 Tara tries to sneak out. Pakhi tries to break the ropes. Tara comes out, she says thank you, God. I have to find papa now. Ishaan is looking for Tara. He says she ran. Naveli calls Agastya and says you were out all night. Please do some rest, he says how can I know my daughter and wife are missing.

Tara sees Ishaan looking for her. She runs. Ishaan runs his bike towards her. He’s wearing a helmet. Tara says my dad will not leave you. He comes near her. It’s another man. He says are you okay? Is someone after you? Why are you so scared? She says can I call someone? He gives her the phone. Agastya calls Naveli and says try to find their IMEI number. Tara calls him but his phone is busy.

Mira meets the doctor and says you have planned it all so well. I can wait for another day or two. Agastya picks up his phone. Tara says papa’s phone is busy. The man says should I drop you somewhere?

She says in her heart mama told me not to go with strangers. Tara says no I will go myself. She says I can find the police uncle and tell them to find papa. Shanaya tells Samir everything. Samir says Ishaan was behind all this. His behavior was all false. Shanaya says yes he plotted it all against Agastya. Samir says yes he created this distance between them.

Scene 2
Tara looks around. Ishaan sees her. He says I found your daughter Pakhi. Who can save her now? He walks towards her. Agastya’s car comes between them. Tara says, papa. Agastya sees her. Agastya called back that man. He told Agastya a girl was trying to call him. The man told him the location. Agastya runs to Tara.

Agastya hugs her. Agastya says call me papa again. Tara says, papa.. Agastya cries. Ishaan hides. Agastya asks where is Pakhi? She says he’s with the bad uncle. We have to save her. Ishaan says I have to move to Pakhi from there. Tara tells her the location. Agastya says I will go there. Tara says I will come too. Agastya says I can’t risk your safety. Agastya calls Naveli.

Ishaan comes back to Pakhi and sees she’s fainted. Ishaan says Pakhi are you okay? Open your eyes. I will take you away from her. Tara is gone to Agastya. we will start our new life. Pakhi is pretending. She says in her heart thank God Tara is safe.

Agastya asks Tara go to with Naveli. Tara says I will come with you I am brave. Agastya says I will go there. Agastya tells the police the location too. Ishaan tries to pick Pakhi. He says I have to take you from here. He opens the door and picks her up.

Scene 3
Samir comes to dadi. He asks if Agastya found anything. Dadi says Ishaan plotted all this and parted Agastya and Pakhi. Agastya has gone to look for him. Samir is worried. Samir says we kept blaming Agastya and this Ishaan plotted all this. Tara comes, and she hugs Samir. Samir says thank God you’re okay.

Tara runs to the temple and prays for Pakhi. She says to bring my mom back. Dadi says Agastya will save Pakhi. Ishaan puts Pakhi in the car. She drops her bangles outside. His tire in punctured. Ishaan says what do I do now. Agastya is looking for Pakhi.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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