Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th April 2022 Agastya brings Pakhi to the surprise he planned for her. Pakhi says it’s so beautiful. It’s so special. He says my dream is coming true. Pakhi says it’s too special. He says there’s another surprise. He brings anniversary cake. Pakhi and Agastya eat the cake together. He shows her the ring.

He says this ring is from the Agastya who loves you not demands you. Don’t be scared, there’s no camera or tracker in this ring. I am glad we’re giving each other another chance. This is a new beginning. He makes her wear the ring. Pajhi smiles. Agastya dances with Pakhi. Pakhi hugs him. She gives them drinks.

Pakhi says remember that choice game we used to play. He says if our answers are same we will drink together. Pakhi asks what will we do once things get better? Agastya says travel. They both say Paris. Agastya says to Pakhi how many kids will we have? Don’t be shy.

Agastya comes close to her. He faints. Pakhi says I stole sleeping pills. I had to do this to get free. You made it easy for me. She mixed the tablets in his drink. Pakhi brings the same chain and says if I wanted I could run when papa came here but you could harm them. I can’t risk more people because of you.

You think I can love you? You can’t control my life anymore. She ties his foot. Pakhi looks for car keys. She finds them in his pocket. She says I should go to police station. Pakhi tries to go out. Dai maa is coming there. Pakhi runs out.

Dai maa sees Agastya on the floor. Agastya gets up. Dai maa says how did this happen? She fooled you again. Pakhi takes the car and comes to the police station. She sees Samir going in. Pakhi screams papa.. They both run towards each other. A car comes and takes Pakhi. Samir runs after the car. Ishaan asks what happened?

He says Pakhi came here.. That car came and took Pakhi. Ishaan says Pakhi was at dai maa’s place. this car was outside her place. They come to Dai maa’s place. Samir says where is Pakhi? Stop this drama. How much has Agastya paid you? I will kill that Agastya. He took Pakhi again. Agastya is outside on the bike. Samir says get him out. They go inside. Agastya says I was just going to find Pakhi then who took her?

Scene 2
Pakhi screams. Her hands are tied and she’s blindfolded. Pakhi says Agastya let me go. I know it’s you. Police is looking for me. Agastya.. the woman says missing Agastya? Don’t worry he will come where you are. Pakhi says who are you? What’s going on? She sings mein hoon don. Pakhi is confused. Police check dai maa’s house. Karanjit asks Dai maa where is Agastya and where has he taken Pakhi? She says I don’t know what are you saying? Ishaan says what are these chains doing here?

Samir says he tied me with the same chains. He cries. Karan says he was here and this woman can tell us the truth. She should be arrested. Shanaya calls Samir. He picks. It’s Prema. She says so much happened and you didn’t even tell me? Shanaya told me. I am going to Agastya’s place. I won’t leave them. Is Pakhi found? Is Agastya arrested? Samir says we’re trying. She says I can’t tolerate all this. Agastya took her in front of you all.

Pakhi says what do you want? Why did you bring me here? She says you can’t ask me so many questions. Wait till tomorrow, we will both go to meet Agastya. I have waited too long to meet him. Pakhi screams for help.. The woman puts knife on her neck and says I can cut your throat to make you silent in a moment. Don’t shout now. Agastya looks for Pakhi. He gets a call. Agastya is shocked.

Scene 3
The next morning Agastya comes to a desserted place. He hears Pakhi screaming Agastya please save me.. He looks around for her. He sees a statue with blood. It had the recorder. Agastya finds another statue. He says who are you and why are you doing this drama? Where is Pakhi? Yug brings Pakhi. Pakhi screams Agastya please save me. Agastya says Yug? How dare you touch Pakhi? Do you wanna die?

Yug says Pakhi is at the risk of dying. He puts gun on Pakhi. Yug says want me to kill her? Agastya says I am your boss. How can you threaten me? His stepmom says he just got into senses cute boss. How are you my son? She lights the statye. Agastya panics. He’s shocked. He says maa..

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Telecast Date:25th April 2022
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