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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th May 2022 Agastya cries and says I don’t want to go there. Those injections are painful. Pakhi says no one can hurt you.Mira and Yug are on their way. Yug says asylum people will come when we go to the court. He will go to asylum today. Mira says what will we do to his and Pakhi’s family? Kill them all. Yug says what? She says yes, kill them all including Shanaya.

He says no mom.. I mean.. Not that. She says you think I can’t see your feelings? He says there’s no such thing. She says okay then kill them all including Bulbul. Pakhi says to Agastya don’t be scared. I am with you. You will always live with me. GO there and I will take you out. Pakhi met with the asylum doctor and told him everything. He said this is a crime. Pakhi said they’ve used money.

Mira has bought some doctors in your hospital too. Please keep him under your observation. No one should give him any medicine. Pakhi says to Agastya no one will do anything to you. I will take you from there. Just act like you’re scared. He says mama won’t know our plan. Dadi says to Pakhi my prayers are always with you. Pakhi says to dadi once the hearing ends see what I do to Mira.

Scene 2
The asylum doctors come. Agastya cries and says I don’t want to go these people are bad. Please.. Bulbul says how heartless are you all. I will miss him so much. They take Agastya. Mira says go and get ready for court. She says show me my money first. Yug throws money in her face. Mira says get ready now. She says once I get my money I will go to the Mumbai right away. Mira says in her heart you need to live for that.

Scene 3
Everyone comes to the court. Judge says are you Pakhi? She says yes. Pakhi says in his heart everything is working as per the plan. Everyone is at a safe place too. Prema says to Samir I have faith in Pakhi.

She will save us all. Mona, dadi and Naveli are in the temple. Agastya is on his way. He says I am only here for a while, then my friend will take me. The lawyer comes and says Pakhi wants she doesn’t feel safe around Mira and Yug. She wants Mira and Yug in remand. Mira says what Pakhi? What is he saying? The judge ordered to keep Mira and Yug in remand till the hearing ends. Inspector arrests them. They leave. Mira looks at Pakhi in anger.

Pakhi tells the judge everything. Pakhi says Agastya didn’t shoot me. Agastya was sent to an asylum. Pakhi gets a video. Agastya is tied. She gets scared. Pakhi gets a message. Agastya will die in 30 minutes.

The judge says who shot you then? Tell me what exactly happened to you. Pakhi says Agastya shot me that day. The statement is right. I don’t want to say anything else. The lawyer says why did you ask Mira and Yug to be in remand? The judge says you can’t waste court’s time like this. Sign this paper that says You’re Pakhi and Agastya tried to kill you. Pakhi signs it and runs.

Scene 4
The men have abducted Agastya. He says my friend will come. Pakhi calls dadi.. She says Mona heard everything and she told Mira everything. Mona told her everything Pakhi and mom are fooling you. I am on your side. Pakhi says how could bua be so selfish. Pakhi says Agastya’s life is in danger. I’ve to save him.

Dadi is worried. The goon lights a lighter in front of Agastya. He says I won’t look at the fire. My friend will save me. Dadi slaps Mona and says I am ashamed of you. I wish you were there in Agastya’s place. Mona says everyone has to think for themselves. I had to do this to save myself and Naveli. Naveli says you did it for yourself. I can’t respect you after this. If anything happens to Agastya I will never see your face again. The goon calls Mira and tells her everything is as per the plan.

Mira says Pakhi has messed with the wrong person. Pakhi begs Mira to not harm Agastya. The candles are burning near him. Mira says didn’t you go to save your friend? Don’t waste time. Agastya cries in fear. Mira says so that love wasn’t one sided? Go and save him. Pakhi says don’t harm him please. Agastya cries for Pakhi.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
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