Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2022 Pakhi sings Agastya as song. He sleeps in her lap. He falls asleep. Pakhi gives him a blanket. Pakhi tells dadi she fell in a lake after getting shot. She says a couple from the village saved me. They took me home, they were the same people I was calling my parents.

Pakhi woke up after 2 months of coma. They took care of her every single day. The woman said thank God you’re fine. She started looking for everyone and found out what Mira had done to everyone. Pakhi says I didn’t know what to do. Then I made this plan to save Agastya from Mira.

I knew Mira would want to use my face. Yug checked my background but the entire village agreed to help me. I got every photo changed. Yug got to know I was born there. She says I made pandit ji call you for that pooja. Dadi says what about that DNA report? She says I could get caught then but God saved me through an angel. Dadi says who? Shanaya comes in.

Shanaya saw Yug taking Bulbul’s hair. She went to Pakhi and told her to tell the truth. Pakhi told her everything. Shanaya changed the reports. Dadi says I knew God would help us. She says Agastya did so wrong to you still you’re helping him. Pakhi says he’s paid more than enough for his sins. That Mira made him the monster. She’s ruined all our lives. Now see what I do to her tomorrow.

Scene 2
Pakhi tells Prema. Prema cries. Pakhi says don’t cry. Prema says I knew my heart could recognize you. Thank God they saved you. Samir says let’s go far from here. Pakhi says Agastya has paid more than his sins. Mira made him the monster he became. Prema says Agastya didn’t shoot her Mira did.

Samir says we need to go away from her. Pakhi says Agastya was crazy but he always protected and took care of me. Should I leave him alone with that Mira? Prema says we should support her. She’s such a big heart. We can’t leave her alone. Pakhi says Agastya tried to save me from Mira. I have to save him too. You taught me to always stand for our people. It’s last day of my war with Mira. Please support me.

Mira looks at Agastya says everything will be mine now. Samir says Mira can harm you again. Pakhi says to trust your daughter. Nothing will go wrong. I know how to get you both out of here. Please support me.

Scene 3
Dadi says to Mira I can’t see Agastya going to mental asylum but if you’re doing that can I go to temple with Naveli and Mona. Pakhi says let them go. Mira says go wherever you want. Pray if you think it would work out. You couldn’t save your son from mental asylum. Dadi says that’s my faith. Yug says maa let’s go to lawyer’s office.

Prema says someone save my daughter. Shanaya acts like she isn’t well. Samir says she gets migraine pain. We’ve to take her to the hospital, please. Prema pretends to cry. Mira says go take her to the hospital.

Samir won’t go. I need a car. Yug says let uncle go. Shanaya isn’t well. Mira says uncle? Who will drive me? Yug says I will take you. Mira says to Bulbul I will be back in an hour, prepare by then. Mira leaves.

Scene 4
Pakhi brings ice cream for Agastya. He says you remind me of someone, I don’t know who. Pakhi says but I am with you. He cries and says they’ll give me an injection. Pakhi says trust your friend. Go there, get pain one last time, it won’t happen again.

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