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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st July 2022 Pakhi and Ishaan rush Tara to the hospital. Pakhi cries for help. Her family comes. Shanaya says papa also fainted listening about Tara. Ishaan says it all happened because of me. He planned it for me.

That innocent kid had to suffer, I won’t leave Agastya alive if anything happens. The nurse asks about her blood group. Shanaya says I am AB negative. I will give her the blood. The doctor later comes out and tells her she’s doing better.

The surgery was successful. Ishaan says Agastya must be coming soon. Agastya comes and asks what happened to Tara? Pakhi says it all happened because of you. Agastya says what do you mean? Ishaan says you broke things at my place and wanted to harm me but it happened to Tara.

Agastya says why would I do that? Pakhi says to take revenge on me. You’re hurting everyone related to me. Stay away from my daughter. Agastya says please listen. Pakhi says go from here. Pakhi says to Ishaan please start the legal adoption process soon.

Naveli says to Agastya how can Pakhi accuse you? Agastya says I feel like it’s repeating what happened 6 years ago. Someone is planning all this to make her hate me. I feel like Ishaan is behind it sometimes. Shanaya says why would he harm his own daughter? and Pakhi is with him anyway.

Scene 2
Ishaan’s lawyer comes to Pakhi’s place. Ishaan says this is Saurav. He’s my lawyer, I will adopt Tara legally now. Pakhi takes the papers and says I have no other option. Agastya throws water on the papers. Pakhi is shocked.

Everyone is shocked to see him. Ishaan says what are you doing here? Agastya shoves him. He says what is all this Pakhi? This medical report shows Tara’s blood group is AB negative. Why does her blood group match me not Ishaan? This means she is not his daughter and my blood group matches her.

Is Tara my daughter? Pakhi is scared. Ishaan says no one has time for you. Ishaan says Pakhi sign these papers. Agastya tears the papers apart. Agastya says tell me the truth Pakhi, tell me. Tara comes out. Agastya hugs her and says are you okay? He says I am very sorry. Please forgive me.

She says don’t cry. I am okay. Tara hugs him. Agastya says I won’t let you go away from me, ever. Ishaan says Tara this uncle isn’t your friend. Tara says leave my hand it’s hurting. Agastya suffocated Ishaan and says don’t you dare to touch my daughter.

Agastya sees Tara’s hair in his hand. He says I kept asking you Pakhi but you didn’t answer me. I am asking you again today but you’re not answering. I will get Tara’s DNA done with this hair and I will see you how can you stay silent after that. He leaves. Pakhi cries. Tara asks what happened? Prema takes her inside.

Tara asks why did Agastya and Ishaan fight? Prema says these are for elders, we will go play. Tara asks Prema. She asks Pakhi are you all hiding something from me? What truth was Agastya talking about? Pakhi says I lied to you. Your dad isn’t dead. He is alive. See this.. She shows her a photo of her and Agastya’s wedding.

Pakhi says your Einstien uncle and mama got married. And he is your dad. You’re our baby. Tara says really? Yayyyy. I really like him. Tara’s dad is smart like her. I will tell everyone Einstien’s uncle is my dad. She says to Ishaan I knew you’re a liar. I will stay with my dad and you will stay alone.

Samir asks Pakhi what did you do? Pakhi says there was no other option. Tara would know from Agastya anyway. Her mother should tell her. Pakhi says to Ishaan I had no option. He says I understand. Samir says Agastya will try to take Tara from us.

You should go far away from here. Pakhi says no one can take my Tara from me. I won’t keep running now. I will fight for my daughter. I won’t let Agastya take my Tara’s custody.

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