Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2022 Tara asks Pakhi why was your photo in Agastya’s room? Pakhi takes her from there. Tara keeps asking. Agastya says how long will you hide from her? Ishaan says don’t try to manipulate the child again.

Agastya pushes him back. Tara asks Agastya why is Pakhi’s photo in his room? He says we have an old relationship. Tara asks what does that mean? He says we were friends. Agastya says is there any bigger relationship than friendship? She says like we are friends. Agastya says yes. Ishaan says let’s go Pakhi.

Tara asks Pakhi why is she not friends with Agastya anymore? She says did you both fight? Agastya says yes. Tara says say sorry to her. She gets convinced. Pakhi says sorry doesn’t always fix things. Some things break and they are never fixed. Pakhi takes Tara from there. Pakhi says I am sorry for the inconvenience it won’t happen because of me and my daughter.

Scene 2
Tara says to Samir sorry I won’t go again. She says I don’t like Ishaan at all. I like Agastya, please be friends with him again. I will play with him every day. Shanaya takes Tara from there. Samir says Agastya is manipulating her. What if he turns your daughter against you?

Tara says to Pakhi if you become friends with Agastya uncle I will eat all green vegetables. Pakhi says you have to eat them twice. Agastya comes.. Tara runs to him. She says you came here to meet me and become friends with my mom again? He says Tara’s asthma pump. Since when does she have it?

Pakhi says since she was born but she knows how to take care of herself. Tara says come on shake hands. Agastya says I have no interest in being friends with your mom. Agastya recalls that Pakhi came to him and said stop manipulating my daughter so you can take her from me. Agastya said shut up. You’ve said enough.

I am not wrong you can’t accuse me of all this. I didn’t know she was your daughter. I was trying to protect her. Pakhi said to stay away from my Tara. Tara says why don’t you want to be friends with my mom? Agastya says I don’t have time. He leaves. Tara gets upset about the way he spoke to her.

Scene 3
Ishaan tells Mira Agastya is going away from Tara. Mira says are you an idiot? He did all this drama to become great in front of Pakhi. Pakhi will start meeting with him. He will make his space in Pakhi’s heart.

And you will be cut off. Ishaan throws water o her and says what’s so funny? He throttles her and says don’t dare to laugh at me again. She says I am trying to help you. Agastya is trying to win Pakhi over. You have to make Pakhi hate Agastya. If any harm happens to Tara because of Agastya Pakhi will hate him forever. Ishaan says you are right.

Scene 4
Pakhi packs Tara’s bags. She says we are ready to go to Ishaan’s place. Tara asks why did Agastya talk to her so rudely? He’s my friend. Pakhi says don’t think about that. Thank you for giving Ishaan a chance. Tara says I am sad because Agastya didn’t speak to me well. Pakhi says let’s go.

Pakhi and Tara come to Ishaan’s place. Everything is broken there and Ishaan is injured. Pakhi asks what happened? He says I went to the market to get a few things. He says a few men came here and broke everything and they try to hit me too. He says Tara sits on the sofa. Pakhi says who can do that?

Ishaan says only one person hates me. You know who. Tara walks near a wire. Pakhi says Agastya did all this? He says no one else can. Tara is about to step on the water with wire on it. Tara sees it.

She says this wire could give me a shock. She picks it with a wood. Ishaan says why is she so smart. Pakhi says let me get first aid box. Ishaan leave pebbles on the floor. Tara falls and screams. Pakhi runs to her.

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