Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th May 2022 Mira brings Bulbul as Pakhi in front of court people. Mira says if you try to act smart you won’t get a penny and Agastya will pay for your mistakes. Make them believe you’re Pakhi. She trips. The lawyer says we’re happy to see you better. Prema looks at her. She gets emotional.

She cries. The lawyer asks how did you survive that accident? Bulbul looks at the remote in Yug’s hang. Agastya plays with a ball. The nurse says you can’t go out. Bulbul says some villagers saw me and save me. I was in a coma but when I got up they dropped me here. It was important for me to come here. She serves them tea.

She burns her hand and speaks like Bulbul. The lawyers are shocked. Bulbul says I stayed in the village, I adapted a few words from them. The lawyer asks did Agastya shoot you? Bulbul says I would want to talk about that incident in court only. It’s very hurtful for me. The lawyer says we have no more questions. She will have to appear in court as Pakhi.

Prema cries looking at Pakhi’s photo. She says I felt like Pakhi is back. Shanaya consoles her. Mira dances in her room. Bulbul comes. Mira says your performance made me so happy I will give you extra 1 lacs as tip. Bulbul throws it on her face and says you can keep it as a donation. Your bones can break with this dance.

I won’t take tip. I did my promise, now you get those bombs removed from Agastya’s ball. Mira says Yug is removing it. You care so much about Agastya. Yug tries to take the ball from Agastya. He says I won’t give it. Dadi says give it please Agastya. The bomb gets activated in the fight. Yug panics. Everyone is scared. Mira says to deactivate it. Give me the remote. The remote falls from her hands and it breaks. Yug says what did you do.

Mira says what will we do now? Bulbul says is it a joke? Bulbul tries to take the ball from Agastya. She runs out. Dadi tries to take it too. Shanaya says give me the ball. I am your friend. He says no. Yug says to Shanaya this bomb will blast, stay away from it. She says you stay away from me. Yug says only 2 minutes are left. Naveli asks for the ball. Agastya doesn’t give it either. Dadi says there’s bomb in it.

Mira says let’s go Yug. Bulbul comes with the teddy Pakhi gave him. She says see what I found Agastya. He gets very happy. He says it’s my favorite toy. Bulbul says it’s so nice. I will keep it. He says no it’s my best friend. I will keep it. Agastya says I want it. Bulbul says then take it and give me this ball.

Yug says only 1 minute is left. Bulbul says give me the ball I will give you this teddy. Agastya says I want both. Bulbul says no I will give you this only. Agastya gives her the ball. She runs out. Bulbul runs out with the ball. Bulbul throws it out and it blasts in the air. Everyone is scared. Dadi hugs Bulbul and says thank you for saving Agastya’s life.

Scene 2
Mira says it was so much fun seeing everyone so scared. Once I shift Agastya to a mental asylum I will be at ease. And you don’t try to interfere Bulbul. Bulbul says I will take my money tomorrow and become an actress.

Why would I stay here. Dadi says to Mira please don’t send Agastya to asylum. We will go far away from here, you can keep everything. Mira says he will go there. Mira says tomorrow is very important day. Agastya will go to mental asylum forever and this Bulbul will sign the papers in court and I will send her to Pakhi.

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