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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th July 2022 Tara calls Agastya. She says you picked so late. He says your mom will be mad if she finds out you spoke to me. She says you lied I send you a message. He says I got a message from your phone.

She says but I didn’t send it. Agastya says how did I get it? Tara says my mom was so mad at me. And now I am mad at you. She gets hiccups. She says oops. Agastya says I am sorry. She says you look funny holding the ears.

HE says I don’t want your mom to get mad at you. Is your dad there? She says he’s not my dad. He is a bad uncle. My dad is with God. If I had a dad he would have been cute like you. Agastya wonders why did Pakhi keep Tara away from Ishaan?

He says I am your best friend if you need anything. My home and place are always open for you. She says so you will get me everything? He says yes. She says you are my hero. Agastya says always take care of your mom.

Pakhi says to Ishaan I don’t feel comfortable with all this. Ishaan says don’t think too much I’ve to make Tara my daughter legally. Tara says you can’t be my papa. Pakhi says Tara.. don’t say that. Ishaan uncle isn’t bad.

He is trying to help us. Ishaan says see I got you a teddy. Tara throws it and says I didn’t like it and I don’t like you either. I only like Einsiten uncle. Pakhi gets angry and says what is this Tara.. She’s about to slap her. Prema stops her. Tara says you don’t love me anymore, you only get mad at me.

She cries, Prema hugs her and takes her inside. She says mama loves you a lot. Pakhi comes, and Tara ignores her. She cries behind the curtain. Prema says let her be with me tonight, she will be okay by tomorrow. Prema says to Ishaan don’t mind what Tara said. She will get used to it. Ishaan says it’s okay.

We should sign the papers tomorrow. Pakhi says no, I won’t sign them until Tara agrees to it. I won’t force anything on my daughter. Ishaan says I won’t let Pakhi go away from me because of this kid.

Scene 2
Pakhi makes breakfast for Tara and writes Sorry about it. She says Tara is mad at mama.. I am sorry. Mama is holding her ears. She takes off her blanket, Tara isn’t there. Pakhi is shocked. She says Tara where are you? She looks around. Tara is nowhere. Pakhi checks behind the curtain. She’s nowhere. Pakhi tells Prema and Shanaya they look around Tara is nowhere. Ishaan smirks.

Tara is in a car with the driver. Ishaan says where is she now? She will keep coming between me and Pakhi. Prema tells Ishaan Tar is nowhere. Pakhi calls Tara but she doesn’t pick up. She messages Agastya she has left and will reach the location soon. She turns off her phone so Pakhi doesn’t keep calling.

She asks the driver to stop the car. She gives him coins. He says you are so smart. She says I am very smart. He says you can’t trust strangers. Be careful. She says I won’t do it again, promise. He says to be careful and drops her.

Tara says I won’t make a bad uncle my papa. I will ask my Einstien to take that bad uncle away from me. Pakhi is worried for Tara. Ishaan says has Agastya kidnapped her? We all know he can do that.

Scene 3
Agastya comes home. Mona asks what happened? He says I got such a good bond with Tara. She said she doesn’t like Ishaan at all. She said I wish I could be her dad. She has to accept Ishaan one day or other. Mona says I would suggest you stay away from Pakhi and her daughter.

If Tara comes here, Pakhi will accuse you of all sorts of things. Agastya says why would Tara come here, even if she does I will send her back to Pakhi. Tara wonders what will she do now. She hides in a box.

The servants take that box inside. Ishaan says I am sure Agastya did it. He must have some doubts. Pakhi says we need to tell the police. Can we stop talking about Agastya instead? Pakhi meets the inspector.

He says we can’t write a report against Agastya without any proof. Pakhi says when a kid is missing you don’t have to wait for 24 hours. You have to file this complaint otherwise I will go to the media. The inspector says we will help you. Pakhi says Agastya has kidnapped my daughter.

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