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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2022 Mira says this is Pakhi.. Yug says I met everyone in her village. They all saw her. She says I can’t believe her. When I attacked Agastya I saw anger in her eyes and she made him see these videos intentionally. So he recalls everything. She played this hide and seek for the same reason. He says there’s no proof she’s Pakhi. Mira says I will find a proof too.

Mira comes to Bulbul. She says Agastya isn’t well. He keeps getting those attacks. You see these videos and try to be like Pakhi. Bulbul says I will. She sees their dance videos. She tries to walk and smile like Pakhi. Mira says no one should know what I am making you do. Bulbul says what can these people do to you. Mira says in her heart once I prove you’re Pakhi see what I do to you.

Yug checks Bulbul’s bag. He finds nothing useful. He checks Shanaya and Prema’s closet too. Shanaya says what are you looking for in our closet? He says I lost my phone I am looking if it’s here. She says did you find it? How more will you insult uss. You’ve made us all servants. Isn’t that enough? You can check me too. He says no I know you can’t steal. He leaves. Yug comes out. He calls his man and says get it done.

Scene 2
At night, Mira wakes Bulbul up and says you’re sleeping? Do makeup like Pakhi. She says I am tired of being Pakhi. You will do my makeup I will do your makeup of my choice. Mira says what? She says yes. Mira does Bulbul’s makeup and hair as Pakhi. Bulbul says now you close your eyes. She foes her funny makeup. Bulbul says what an art. Mira looks at herself and screams. Bulbul takes her photos and says you will get more followers. Mira says you will regret this. Bulbul says we’ll see who regrets.

Scene 3
Mira wakes Bulbul up and says come with me. Time to expose your reality. She drags her out. Yug comes too. Bulbul says what truth? Mira says that you’re not Bulbul but Pakhi. She shows her a paper and says this is your DNA test report. It will show if you’re Samir and Pream’s daughter or not. Time to open it. She says Yug took your sample hair and this will expose your reality. Bulbul shoves her and runs.

Yug makes her fall. Everyone is confused. Yug holds her. Bulbul hits him and runs. He shoves her back in. Mira holds Bulbul and says if you’re really Pakhi you can’t even imagine what can I do. I will show you who I am. Bulbul says you don’t know how scary I am. Agastya wakes up and looks for Bulbul.

Mira calls her guards. They surround Bulbul. Mira opens the report. She says so the DNA report says.. She reads negative. Mira is shocked. She says according to this report she’s Bulbul not Pakhi. Bulbul laughs and throws away the report. Bulbul says now you see what I do. Mira says if you’re not Pakhi then why were you so scared? Bulbul laughs and says I act whenever I can like a heroine. The nurse stops Agastya. She says you can’t go. Madam will fire me. Agastya shoves her and runs out.

Bulbul says I do world’s best heroin acting. I will get the award. Clap for me. Mira says you.. Bulbul says now you stay silent. You can’t be a villain. You can’t use your brain. If I were real Pakhi would I work so hard for 2 crores? It would all have been mine like you want it. I would kick you and your son out. Mira says enough. I can’t tolerate you for a minute more. She puts gun on Bulbul. Samir tries to stop her. Prema stops him.

Mira puts the gun on Bulbul. Yug says maa what are you doing? Control yourself. Bulbul sits on the sofa. Everyone is scared. Mira says scared? Bulbul says you idiot loser. I am letting you on small abuses. I will tell you more in person. Mira says I will do the same to you that I did to Pakhi. Everyone is shocked. Yug realizes she spoke the truth in anger. Agastya comes out. He looks the gun and recalls Mira shooting Pakhi.

He sees flashbacks. Agastya kicks her gun in anger. He says no one will come near Pakhi. Pakhi you go from here.. They will shoot you. Yug tries to pick up the gun. Agastya hits him. Agastya says Pakhi please go from here. Pakhi runs, they will kill you. He hits Yug and says you did so wrong. You can’t touch my Pakhi. He hits them. The guards stop Agastya. Agastya says go from here Pakhi.

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