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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th May 2022 Bulbul says I want 1 crore. Mira says not a penny more than 2 million. Bulbul says I am a star. 2 crores now. Accept it? Yug says why are we doing it? Mira says done. You will get your 2 crores. Yug asks Mira what’s her plan? She says you know Agastya gave all his property to Pakhi.

I didn’t get anything. Either I get her dead body or have Pakhi give it all to us. Bulbul will act like Pakhi. We will say she’s alive and she gave it all to us. Yug says we can’t trust her. Bulbul’s mom says how can you help her with injustice? She says I will get Agastya justice too and get money from her for our dadi too.

Mental asylum staff comes for Agastya. Dadi cries and says please don’t do this. Please stop them. Bulbul comes in dancing. Agastya dances with her. She says you dance well. Everyone is shocked. Bulbul asks Mira to put her stuff in her room. She says I will live like a queen here. She asks the staff to leave.

Bulbul asks them to dance for her. Bulbul says to Mira if this staff doesn’t listen to me I will not help you. I am leaving then. Mira stops her. She asks the staff to leave Agastya. They leave. Agastya says we will be best friends forever.

Mira says Agastya.. Bulbul asks Mira to put her stuff in her bag. Mira leaves in anger. She says Bulbul will live here now. Everyone’s shocked. Agastya says why are we doing this? She says we have to tolerate her to get all this.

Everyone is worried about Bulbul. She says look at me, I will become a star. You’re all wondering why she got me here? She asked me to come here and do something which I don’t know either. I am just getting a lot of money from her. Dadi says she’s very dangerous. Please go from here. Bulbul says I am more dangerous. See how I make her life hell in next 3 days.

Scene 2
At night. Prema, Shanaya and Samir think about Bulbul. Prema says the way she talk Pakhi never spoke like that. Shanaya says but her voice is the same. Samira says Mira sounded like she wanted Pakhi to die. That means Naleema was right. Mira killed Pakhi not Agastya. But why is she keeping Bulbul in this house then?

Shanaya says I am sure Yug’s mom has a plan for bringing Bulbul here. Mira comes and shoves her from the stool. Shanaya falls her. She injures her elbow. Mira says my maid can’t interfere in my work. Agastya says are you okay? Sorry. Mama gets angry. He picks her. He says I will ask nurse to put medicine on it.

Prema picks Shanaya. Dadi says what has she doen. She’s so evil. Agastya was this innocent until Mira ruined his mind. Bulbul brushes Agastya’s hair. She says you will look like Hrithik Roshan. She makes him sit. She does his hair. She gives him candy. Agastya gets very happy.

Yug calls Mira and says she can’t be Pakhi. Her village people have seen her since childhood. Mira says we don’t need to worry at all then. We have to tolerate her for 3 days. Mira shouts at everyone and says where’s food? Bulbul says it’s such a big house. Sit everyone. She asks dadi to sit. Mira says who will make breakfast? Bulbul says I know you’re useless but you can do it.

I want you to make it. Mira is shocked. Everyone is shocked. She says they will all enjoy a day off. Mira says what kinda people are you? Not happy for a day off? Mira says don’t act smart with me. Bulbul says take your anger out on onion potatoes. I wanna eat vegetable sandwich. Put a lot of cheese. Mira says shut up. Bulbul shoves her hand.

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