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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th May 2022 Mira says sorry minister ji. He says I know you’re under a lot of stress. It’s not easy taking Agastya’s place. Mira comes to the dancer’s room and says where is Pakhi? Karthik says there’s no Pakhi in our team. He shows her Pakhi’s photo. He says there’s no such girl in our group.

Karthik tells Bulbul. He says I lied to her but what is she upto? Why was she calling you Pakhi? Bulbul says please I can’t explain that. I’ve to go. He says but this was your chance to become a star. She says I will get another chance. He gives her money. Pakhi says thanks for helping. She leaves.

Scene 2
A rat comes near Agastya. He screams and gets scared. The minister is about to sign the contract.. Agastya comes downstairs crying and screaming. He says mama there’s a rat in my room. He will kill me, please save me. The nurse is scared. Minister says Agastya in this house not in assylum? You lied to us? You said you’ve nothing to do with him. We can’t do business with a liar like you. We can’t trust you. Mira says please listen..

Sinha says what is this Mira? You got me insulted too. Minister throws the contract on her face. Mira asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves. Mira drags Agastya and says you see what I do now. She gives him current with a wire. Mira says no one can save you. Dadi tries to save him but she shoves her.

Agastya screams in pain. Bulbul stops her. Dadi says Bulul? Mira is shocked. Mira says how did you come back? Bulbul picks Agastya and says no one can harm you when I am there. Your best friend is here. Yug says she’s Bulbul? Mira recalls her. She says you all were fooling me? Mira says how did you survive??

You fell from the ditch in front of me, you should’ve died. I know you’re Pakhi. Samira wonders why is she talking like she killed Pakhi. Bulbul twists Mira’s arm and says don’t dare to touch me again. She shoves Mira. Mira is about to slap Bulbul. Bulbul’s mom comes and says if you touch my daughter I will break your hands. Mira says what’s happening. Why is she calling pakhi her daughter?

Her mom says she’s my daughter Bulbul. She says to Bulbul come with me. See what happened because of your dance. Mira says you can’t take her. Mira steps on the wire and gets the current. Bulbul says see how you pay for your sins. Bulbul’s mom drags her out. Agastya cries don’t take my friend. Bulbul asks her mom how did you get this address? She says I threatened Karthik. Her mom says come with me. Bulbul says I won’t come back until I become a superstar.

Scene 3
Mira asks how do you know her and how did she come here? Dadi says I met her at the temple. she sneaked into my car and I hid her here. I thought she can heal Agastya. Mira says who else knew about it? Why is everyone silent?

Dadi says no one else knew about it other than me. Mira says now I know why he took Pakhi’s name. Agastya won’t stay in this house for a minute. I will shift him to another mental asylum today. See how I make his condition worse. You will never see him again. Dadi cries. Yug locks Agastya in his room.

Prema runs out. Bulbul is fighting with her mom. Prema says Pakhi.. my Pakhi. Bulbul says I know Pakhi is your daughter. But I am not her. Prema says no please say you’re my Pakhi. Bulbul says I am not your Pakhi. But I know she won’t let you cry like this. She hugs her. Prema cries. Samir apologizes to them.

Yug tells Mira asylum people are coming. Mira showers money on Bulbul. Bulbul is confused. She says it’s all about money. I can give you a lot more money my duplicate Pakhi. You have to do one small thing for me. Her mom says we don’t want your money. Mira says you have to do my job and you will get 20 lacs.

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