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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th July 2022 The phone gets cut. Pakhi screams in panic. She says what is Tara doing at Agastya’s place? Did he find out who she is? Will he take her from me? This is why I didn’t want to come.

Pakhi panics. Agastya checks Tara’s phone and says the battery is dead. She says my mom must be so worried. Pakhi looks for an auto. She gets a call from a number. Agastya says hi I am Mr. Raichand. Pakhi is shocked. A bike hits her and she falls. She hits her head. Agastya says the phone got cute.

Tara says this is happening since morning. They call and her phone is off. Tara says can you drop me at the hotel? He says yes I will drop you. People pick Pakhi. They call an ambulance. Samir is also there. He sees Pakhi. He screams. Agastya says Pakhi.. open your eyes. He picks her.

Tara comes to the hotel with Agastya. She looks for Pakhi but she’s not there. Tara checks the washroom. She cries and says mama isn’t here. Agastya says don’t worry I won’t leave you alone. I will find her. She might have gone out to get something.

Don’t worry. Tara gets an asthma attack. Agastya gives her the pump. He says don’t worry mama will come. We can play a game till then. They play ludo. She says my mama always cheats in it. Agastya recalls that Pakhi always used to cheat in ludo.

Scene 2
Samir brings Pakhi to the hospital. Samir says she will be fine. Pakhi is still conscious. Samir says there must be a reason you didn’t contact your parents. Please open your eyes. Shanaya and Prema will be so happy to see you. Ishaan calls Samir. He says we had to go for a check-up, and you didn’t come to the clinic. He says Pakhi. Ishaan says Pakhi what? Did she contact you? Did you find anything? He says no we have arranged pooja for Pakhi. We will go tomorrow.

Tara says why is mama not back? Agastya says she might be getting her phone fixed. Samir asks the doctor when will Pakhi be conscious. He asks to bring the medicine. Agastya makes noodles for Tara. She says mama says they’re unhealthy. He says it’s okay to eat unhealthy sometimes. Tara says I don’t eat without mama. Agastya says I will get sad if you don’t eat noodles with me. She says okay let’s eat then. They eat the noodles.

Pakhi opens her eyes. She panics and says how did I get here? My daughter Tara, where is she? I need to go and find her. The doctor says you met an accident. Please relax. Pakhi panics. Samir comes in.

Pakhi is shocked to see him. She hugs him and cries. Samir cries and says where did you go? Pakhi says please forgive me. Tara waits for Pakhi. She says I can’t sleep without mama. She lays next to Agastya.

Pakhi tells Samir she missed them every single day. She says please forgive me. I had to keep my daughter away from Agastya. He says I am a grandfather and I don’t even know. I am so unlucky. Pakhi says don’t say that.

I am so worried. Tara is with Agastya. She’s at his place. I am very scared. I need to get Tara back. She tries to call the hotel. She calls the hotel and asks if a guest came to drop Tara off. The receptionist says yes a man came with her, he’s in your room. Pakhi says okay. Pakhi panics. She says Agastya is with Tara in the hotel. I am very scared of Tara. She panics.

Scene 3
Agastya waits for Tara’s mom. She falls asleep. He says I have no photo of her. Where do I find her? He goes near the closet. A woman comes in and says I am Tara’s mom. He says oh I am Agastya Raichand. My company organized that Chota Einstien competition. I was trying to call you. Tara was very worried about you.

She fell asleep. She says sorry for creating a problem for you. Agastya says no problem. I had fun with her. She is very smart and intelligent. He says in his heart I feel a bond with you. I will miss you every day. Agastya leaves. Agastya leaves. Samir and Pakhi are hidden behind the door.

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