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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th August 2022 Fake Agastya asks Pakhi if she’s mad at him. He says will you leave me for six years again? Pakhi says it will never happen again. I am just too upset about dadi leaving us.

He says we are all upset but we have to be normal again for our Tara. Mira gets a text. She leaves. She drops her card there. Pakhi calls the doctor and asks her for all the medical reports of dadi. Tara says mama listen to my poem. Pakhi shouts at her and says can’t you see I am talking on call.

Tara starts crying. Pakhi says I am sorry Tara. Please sing the poem. Tara says I won’t. Pakhi cheers her up. She runs after her. Someone comes outside. The person throws a paper at Pakhi and runs. Pakhi reads, it says if you want to know the truth about dadi’s death come to the ground at 7.

Pakhi pretends like she’s not well. She says everyone else should go for the moive. Fake Agastya says I wanted to spend time with her and she’s not coming. They all leave. Pakhi says I have to get to that place. Who is that person and what does he know?

Scene 2
Agastya says you will all pay for my dadi’s death. I won’t leave any of you. Pakhi comes to the place. a guy comes there on the bike. She waits till 7:30 and says why is that person not here. Mira stopped that person. She asked him to get off the bike. He takes off his helmet. It’s Yug. Mira says Yug? You came back?

I missed you so much for last six years. You left your mom? You were gonna help your mom? Yug says because I know the truth. Mira says he kept your mom in jail. You’re so emotionally weak. That Agastya always fools you. Yug says you can’t fool me again. Mira says I can even kill you for my mission.

He says I know you can do that. But I have videos that show what you’ve done to Agastya. My men can make this video viral. I am your son. I can outplay you. I was helping Pakhi so I can take money from her. If you pay me, I can help you.

Pakhi waits till 9. She says why didn’t that person come? Did someone stop that person? Everyone must be on their way back. Pakhi leaves.

Scene 3
Fake Agastya says to Mira your son will ruin our plan. She says do what your task is. Agastya says Yug you’re helping Mira again? I gave you another chance at life. Yug says I only care about money which my mom will give me.

Tara sees Mira’s card. Mona says it has no name. Mona says she called and she said her mom isn’t well. Pakhi says I will drop this card to her. Agastya says what’s mine is yours. Please don’t do this. Mira says you’re begging for Yug’s help? He won’t. Pakhi will never know the truth.

Pakhi comes to a house. She knocks on the door. A woman opens it. Pakhi asks are you Shardha’s mom? She teaches my mom. The woman says who Shardha? I’ve no daughter. No Shardha lives here. Pakhi says sorry she gave us this address. Pakhi calls her. The phone rings in the street. Shardha is there. Pakhi says is this your address? She says no mine is 84. This is my home. Mira saw it on the video.

Agastya says Yug don’t listen to that woman again. She will lie to you again. I know you have humanity left. Yug says you have made me do worst things. Agastya says I know but I’ve paid for my sins. I’ve repented. Don’t walk on the wrong path. Yug hits him and says don’t give me the lecture. Mom’s lecture would be successful.

He hits Agastya. Pakhi gives Mira her card. Mira says thank you so much. Pakhi asks how is your mom? Where is she? Mira’s man has kidnapped people inside. Mira says mom isn’t well. Pakhi says it’s okay. You should take care of her. Pakhi leaves. Pakhi sees another letter in the house.

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