Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2022 Pakhi calls on dadi’s number but it’s off. Pakhi says I hope she’s okay. She must be in the hospital. Dadi tries to make a noise. Pakhi leaves. Agastya says I don’t know where is Pakhi.

I don’t know if she was able to tell Pakhi. He says to turn on this screen. The goon says you will see your wife’s wedding night’s live telecast. Agastya shoves him and says my wife will recognize him. They see someone outside.

They go to check. Agastya wonders who was outside. Someone in a hoodie comes in. Pakhi is worried for dadi. Mona says don’t think too much, get ready. The fake Agastya says what do I do with this old woman. Mira says to kill her after the wedding.

Naveli and Mona help Pakhi get ready. Navlei says she’s not picking. Pakhi sends her voice note and says I won’t go in mandap till you come back. I am very worried. Agastya says that means Dadi is caught by Mira or her man.

He sees Pakhi getting ready on the screen. The fake Agastya comes to Mira and tells her Pakhi won’t go to the mandap. Mira shows dadi men around Tara. She says they’re all my men. They can kill Tara in a minute. If you don’t want anything to happen to her say what I ask you to. Call Pakhi.

Dadi sends a voice note to Pakhi that my friend’s condition is very critical. She’s in ICU. I can’t come. My prayers are always with you. PLease go to mandap on time. Pakhi says I feel so weird. Mona says I hope Sarita aunty gets well. Agastya says dadi is being blackmailed. Who will stop this wedding now? I hope dadi is okay.

Scene 2
Tara comes to the store. She looks for the decoration box. Dadi tries to make a noise so Tara sees her. she kicks a box. Tara looks back. Tara says what is that sound? Mira comes there. She says what are you doing here? I told you not to leave the hall. Let’s go. It’s your parent’s wedding. Let’s go decorate.

Tara hears the noise again. She says I heard something. Mira says no one is there. Let’s go. A glass piece slips near Dadi from Tara’s feet. Dadi tries to pick it up. Mira steps on the glass. Tara says your foot is bleeding teacher. Mira says it’s okay. They go out.

Pakhi gets ready. Fake Agastya comes. Pakhi says dadi won’t be part of our wedding. Her friend isn’t well. He touches her back and says it’s okay. He hugs her. Agastya doesn’t like it. He says we should be positive. Pakhi shoves him and says nothing before the wedding. He says I can’t wait for tonight.

Pakhi says go and get ready. He kisses her cheek. Agastya gets angry. He says Pakhi please try to understand he’s not me. Pakhi says I don’t know why I feel so weird. I hope dadi comes before the wedding starts. Pakhi sees the vase. She comes near the camera. Pakhi says why did I feel like someone is calling me.. Agastya says Pakhi please see the camera. Pakhi leaaves the room. She says I am thinking too much. She leaves. Dadi tries to cut the ropes.

Scene 3
Tara says hello to everyone. The world’s best bride is coming. Pakhi comes to the mandap. Fake Agastya is sitting there. Samir says when you became the bride last time I wasn’t there. Today because of Tara I get a chance to do your kanyadaan.

He hugs her. Pakhi sits with the fake Agastya. Tara says to start the wedding. Pandit Ji starts the wedding. Agastya is angry. Dadi tries to cut the ropes. The goons tease Agastya. Agastya throttles him. He says Pakhi will recognize him. He tries to break free.

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