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Excuse Me Madam 7th October 2020 Madam gets crazy and tells Sanam that I am an inspector Chubay. I don’t spare criminals. Why are you in someone’s house? Sanam pinches her and she comes back to her senses. Madam says how can we find my Dadu? Sanam says I think someone tried to frame and it can be Chatterjee only. Madam says you might be right but how do we find out? Sanam says I have a plan.

In the morning, Sanam and Addu come to Bhaisa. Sanam says we have brought some treats for you. Bhaisa says I don’t trust humans. Sanam says don’t doubt us, we will not ask you to do something wrong. Bhaisa says I knew you had some work. Sanam says you just have to act like a dog from a police squad. Bhaisa says if you give me half an hour with Mishti then I will do it. Addu says it’s not possible, Madam thinks you are cheap and oldie. Sanam asks Bhaisa to please adjust. Bhaisa says don’t make me angry otherwise I will piss. Sanam tells him to do it and I will arrange your meeting with Mishti.

In the office, Madam tells Chatterjee and Sanam that if you own up you stealing then I will spare you. Chatterjee says Sanam will never accept it. Madam says I know the police commissioner and he will bring is an experienced dog from his squad. He will sniff around. Madam says he can bite off your meat easily. Sanam tells Chatterjee to protect his leg.

Later all are waiting for the squad dog to come. Sanam sniffs Chatterjee and I am just checking your perfume. Madam comes there and says I gave you a chance to confess but nobody did. She calls an inspector with Bhaisa as a squad dog. The police officer is Addu in disguise. Addu says this dog will find the robber and won’t let him live. Madam asks him to let the dog work. Bhaisa says she is rude. Sanam asks him to shut up. Bhaisa says I can call Sanam as a thief. Bhaisa sniffs Sanam. Sanam asks him to sniff Chatterjee. Chatterjee runs away from him and says he will bite me. Save me. Bhaisa is climbing up him so Chatterjee confesses that I stole her Dadu, he is at my house and watching the English movies. I wanted Sanam gone from this office, I wanted to serve you alone Madam as a GM. Sanam says you won’t be here anymore. Madam asks Sanam if he is her partner? He says I wish. Madam says I am seeing Chatterjee in a different light, he wanted to become a GM and did everything he could. Sanam says he stole your Dadu. Sanam says I will give you masks from now one, whoever wins 10 points will become the GM first. Madam tells Chatterjee he has -1 point for stealing her Dadu. Sanam thinks I won’t let Chatterjee win.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sanam is having tea with a pot over his head. Sanam says I am throwing this pot away. Kranti says I am protecting you from crows. He is about to throw it away but Kranti cries so Sanam says I am wearing it. Don’t cry. Kranti says you are so nice, I am doing this for you. Sanam says I got two wives now. Kranti says I had fun last night. Sanam says I enjoyed burning that cactus.


Excuse Me Madam 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Madam asks Sanam that she wants a recipe from his wife so give her number. Sanam gets tensed.Madam meets Addu as Sanam’s wife. She asks him to take off his glasses, he does and sees a punch mark over his eye. She says what is this Mrs. Sanam? I will not spare Sanam as he is abusing you.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2020
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