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Excuse Me Madam 23rd October 2020 Sanam tells Madam that he is my brother in law. Madam whispers to him if he is the cheapster that attacks girls? Sanam says no, he is the other brother. Madam hugs Sanam and says you have done so much for me. Madam’s eye twitches and calls Addi her lover. She hugs him and Addu is mesmerized. He imagines dancing with her. Sanam pinches madam and she pulls back. She says bye, thanks. She leaves. Sanam says what we will do with this body? They pull him and bring him inside the house. Addu says we have to hide this dead body. Sanam says but where? We can put him in the storeroom. they pick him up but hear Amar’s car coming in the parking, they run in the other direction but realize that Chatterjee’s body has fallen on the floor. They hear Kranti coming inside and hides him under the dining table.

Krant, Sanam, Amar and Addu are having food together. Sanam has hidden Chatterjee’s body under the table. Kranti says we watched a movie today in which the husband kills someone. Addu says no husband’s boss did it. Sanam says enough, we don’t have to talk about the murders. Amar says how did Sanam propose to you Kranti? Kranti says I was visiting a dead person and met Sanam there. Amar says when did you kiss first? Kranti says I mistakenly dropped my spoon and Sanam picked it up. Amar says you should re-enact it here. Sanam says there is no need. Amar gives the spoon to Kranti. Kranti drops it on the floor, Sanam is tensed that she will see the dead body. Addu screams no and starts getting jittery. Sanam says he can’t bear others romancing in front of him. Kranti and Amar take Addu from there.

Scene 2
In the night, Sanam is sleeping on the bed with Kranti. He wakes up and calls Addu. Sanam says you are sleeping when there is a dead body in the house? Addu says my wife just slept. Sanam says come and meet me, we have to take care of the dead body.

Sanam and Addu bring Chatterjee’s body on the porch. Bhaisa sees the carpet there and thinks they are upto something.

Kranti is sleeping when she hears the noise. She wakes to see her Makhan uncle, he tells her in the dream that she can’t throw away the cupboard that he gave her. Kranti wakes up and says sorry uncle.

Sanam tells Bhaisa that your mother in law has done this killing, you can’t marry Mishti if she goes to jail. Bhaisa says nothing should happen to her. Madam comes there and says I was not able to sleep. Sanam asks her to leave, it will be trouble. Kranti calls Sanam so he hides Chatterjee and Madam in the cupboard. Madam faints seeing his dead body beside him. Kranti comes there and sees Sanam and Addu sitting there. They say we will go to sleep now. Kranti says I saw my uncle in the dream and he told me to not sell this cupboard, we should bring it back inside. Sanam says I will do it in the morning. Addu leaves. Sanam opens the cupboard and sees Madam dizzy. He asks her to wake up. Madam runs away from the cupboard. Kranti asks him to come back inside. Sanam locks Chatterjee in the cupboard and goes to sleep.


Excuse Me Madam 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Amar tells Sanam and the family that an employee is missing. His name is Chatterjee and I will make sure to find out where he is. Sanam gets tensed.
Madam tells Sanam that I will confess my crime to the police. Sanam says me and my brother in law will be jailed too, you can’t do this. Madam drives away without listening to him.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
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