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Excuse Me Madam 20th October 2020 Madam is laughing at her phone. Sanam comes there and is angry. He says you asked me to get movie tickets and you didn’t come? I had to bear so much. Madam says it was not a war. Sanam says I tried to get tickets from black and the police beat me. Madam says you tried to do an illegal thing for me? That’s disgusting. Addu calls Sanam and tells him that Amar and Kranti have found madam’s handkerchief. Sanam ends the call. Madam says get out of my office, you pissed me off. Sanam says enough, you have a problem with everything I do, I got beaten but you don’t care. You are a machine so your boyfriend did right by leaving, you are so moody that nobody can live with you. He angrily leaves. Madam is fuming in anger.

Sanam comes home. Amar and Kranti glare at him. Amar says when thieves don’t answer me, I break their neck bones. Sanam says why are you saying all that? Amar asks Sanam to answer her truthfully. She shows him the handkerchief and asks whose that is? Kranti says who is this MB? Sanam says Mb can be a man’s name. It is my Bua’s male friend’s handkerchief whose name was Mamo Bhosle. Amar says why was it hidden on the cupboard? Sanam says Bua gave this handkerchief to me to give it to MB as they were having an affair. I used to be a postman for them. They used to give me chocolates in the childhood to do this work. This handkerchief was made for MB but I never got the chance to give it to him. Amar says this MB lives here? Sanam says yes but it’s a bad place. Amar says bring MB here. Kranti says he has to verify this story of yours.

Scene 2
Addu asks Sanam to have whiskey so he doesn’t feel pain when he gets beaten by Amar. Sanam says when Kranti knows that this handkerchief is of Madam whose name is Mittho Bhosle. Addu says they don’t know who MB is so you can make anyone MB and bring it to Kranti. Sanam says you are right. Addu says that a person should be trustworthy and should know acting. Sanam smirks at Addu.

Sanam, Amar and Kranti are waiting for MB. Addu comes there dressed as MB. He hugs Sanam and greets Amar and Kranti. Amar says you had an affair with Sanam’s mausi? He says no, I had an affair with his Bua. Sanam got to know about it and became our postman. Kranti says why didn’t you get married to her? Addu says it didn’t work out for us and I am still single. Sanam’s bua comes there. Kranti says I called her here so we can clarify this. Bua greets everyone. Sanam and Addu are tensed. Bua asks why did you call me here? Kranti says I wanted you to meet someone.. She shows him MB/Addu but Bua says I don’t remember this man who promised to marry me and then left, he is Mamo Bhosle, he didn’t give guts to run away with me. I waited for him but he left me. She cries. Sanam and Addu are confused. Bua thanks Kranti for making her meet him again. Kranti says how sweet, she goes to make pakoras. Amar goes with her. Bua tells Sanam that I knew and heard everything outside the door when I came here that’s why I did this acting, she asks Sanam to stop these cheap antics.

At the night, Sanam calls Bua and thanks her. He ends the call and tells Addu that I went off on Madam.

Excuse Me Madam 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Madam puts an apple on Chatterjee’s head and throws a knife at it but it hits Chatterjee and he dies. Sanam helps her in hiding his body in the trunk but Amar stops madam and asks her to open her trunk for checking

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Telecast Date:20th October 2020
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