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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th October 2020 Bhima says you should think that irrespective of who wins, you will still win. Bhimbai smiles. She blesses both the boys. They seek Meera and Ram ji’s blessings and head to Sahastrabuddhi’s house with the entire family and Puranjan.

Bali goes to invite more people to Sahastrabuddhi’s house to witness the competition.

Dhansukhlal and Pundit ji are in the fields. They are trying to figure out how to make sure Dhruv wins. Kulkarni taunts them on their point of view again but they aren’t bothered. Mangesh also comes there. They get to know that the British Officer is about to reach.

Dhansukhlal and other villagers welcome the British Officer with pomp and show. Mangesh stops Sakpal family from coming in though. Only Bala and Dhruv can come inside as they are going to participate in the competition. British Officer asks him what’s happening. Mangesh tells him that these people are from the lower community so we stay away from them. They are dirty and poor. Bhima says we are poor but we are not dirty. We want to welcome you. He says that in English. Dhansukhlal tells English officer not to allow them inside. Officer gives in. He makes Mangesh collect the garlands that they have brought. Bala and Dhruv walk inside holding hands. Enlgish Officer is impressed to see two competitors holding hands. Dhruv nods. Ram ji Kaka told us that we should have pure hearts. Why be envious when it comes to talent? This impresses the officer all the more. Everyone takes their seats.

The competition starts. Bhima tells his Baba that Bala Bhaiya is playing so well. Ram ji nods. He is become so lost in his music already. Bhima says only 2 boys will be left with Aayi here in Satara. Ram ji tells him not to come to any decision before the actual announcement. Ram ji thinks of what he had told Bala last night and smiles.

Dhruv’s instrument stops working in between. Everyone claps as the performance comes to an end. British Officer compliments both the boys. It is difficult to decide who we should take right now as you both are equally good. We have discussed and decided that Dhruv will come to Bombay with us. Bala, Dhruv and Sakpal family are taken aback. Mangesh jumps in joy and runs to cheer for Dhruv. Dhansukhlal and other villagers surround Dhruv. British Officer tells Dhruv to pack his bags. You must leave with us right away. Bala walks away sadly. Dhruv feels bad for him.

Dhansukhlal tells Dhruv to bring his bag. Dhruv notices the sad faces of Sakpal family. Ram ji tells his family that they should bid adieu to Dhruv happily. Everyone else leaves as well. Dhansukhlal thanks British officer for accepting and understanding their request. Flashback shows Dhansukhlal and other villagers convincing the British officer not to choose a kid from the lower community. You all sit with kings and elite people. They wont even accept water from you if a kid from lower community will be with you. Pundit ji hints at the religious aspect as well. Flashback ends. British officer accepts the sweets. Dhansukhlal tells him to take Dhruv from here. Don’t let him come here on any holiday. I don’t want him to keep any relation with anyone in Satara. Just take him from here.

Ram ji tells Bala to respect the decision made by the British Officer. Bala says he snatched my right. Everyone says I am better than him. How can he win then? Ram ji says they heard both of you and chose Dhruv. Why do you have problem in accepting their decision? Dhruv requests him not to get upset. I can renounce their decision if you want me to. Bhima tells him against it. Bala says you will choose your friend over your brother after all. We have done so much for him. Let him go now. Bhima reminds him that Dhruv ate poison for him. Did you forget that? He goes to help Dhruv pack his bags. He takes Dhruv from there. Ram ji tells Bala this isn’t the right way. Dhruv has done a lot for us as much as we have done for him. Don’t relate two different things with each other. The one who cannot be happy on someone else’s victory can never be happy about anything. Being sad is natural here and you should be sad but you should think how you should make progress. This anger isn’t justified though. Meera tells Bala that he and Dhruv are equally important to them. Bala walks away in a huff.

Ram ji is upset that Bala cannot understand a small thing. Bhimbai says he does. Couldn’t you understand what just happened? He nods. Bala played amazingly well but they chose Dhruv. We must accept their decision. She asks him to speak to the British Officer once. Ram ji says it wont help. They announced their decision in front of everyone. Be it right or wrong, they wont change their decision. They can end up refusing to take either of them. It will be wrong. The good thing is that they are our kids only. I was feeling guilty and bad for Dhruv. A boy from big community stays with us in our house and is struggling to make his ends meet. I used to think that I will feel a little better once he finds a better job. It is a good thing then.

Dhruv says I don’t feel good that I am leaving Bala Bhaiya behind. Bhima says Baba always tells us that we should choose the right path always. Dhruv tells Bhima he will miss him. Bhima tells him to do his best. Dhruv asks him who will explain stuff to him. Bhima suggests him to learn to do it on his own. Dhruv says what if I miss Kaki’s meethi roti. Bhima says I will count how many times we will eat in your absence. I will ask Aayi to make them for you when you will visit us. Dhruv says what if I meet someone like Mangesh there. Bhima advises him to take a deep breath and forget it. They share an emotional hug.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhansukhlal tells Sakpal family that he is happy that his son is getting away from them finally. He gives sweets to Sakpal family. Ram is congratulates him and is about to take a bite when Dhansukhlal advises him to eat it thinking how his son lost today.

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