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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th April 2021 Jijabai inquires if Ramji found any work, finding work has become their pressing need since they will run out savings in a short while. Bhima asked Jijabai not pressurize as it can mentally upset someone which is not good for health. Jijabai was furious for his constant interruption. She asks Bhima to be quiet when elders are talking. Bhima complied to sit aside. Ramji interrupted asking Bhima to sit down as she was only showing concern and Jijabai to stop reacting over Bhima’ action, he is only a kid. Meera asked Jijabai about her constant annoyances towards Bhima when they are all aware of the love, she holds for him. Jijabai answered that she is frustrated by Bhima’s different style of thinking that according to him differentiates him as an intelligent one. Bhima agreed not to talk In front of Jijabai anymore. Ramji thought that this decision will lower Bhima’s confidence, he must do something to ease this rising issue.

Seth ji, Mangesh and Pandit informed Maharaj of the entire incident and how the family bond saved Bhima. They were worried as the villager were losing their confidence in them. Maharaj asked them to make everyone understand that life and death belongs to the God, in order to give Bhima and his family a lesson they must follow what they are being ordered for. Maharaj ordered Seth ji to organize a gathering to discuss the matter regarding Bhima and their future collectively and then left. Seth ji denied organizing the gathering due to lack of money. Mangesh and Pandit asked him not to defy Maharaj and arrange the money by all means. Pandit and Mangesh were grateful for not being wealthy otherwise they would have to bear the same.

A man came at Ramji’s house, he blamed Bhima for ruining his life. Upon Bhima’ advice the man appointed his flout son in his workshop, slowly he took over, substituting all the potential workers with his foul friends. Now they are all indulged in wrong doings. The man has lost everything because of what Bhima told him. Bhima asked Seth ji not to think faulty. Jijabai interrupted asking Bhima not to teach the elder, his incorrect method has already made the man’s life Hell, bringing him on streets. Bhima asked to go with him for help, Jijabai stopped him. Ramji asked Jijabai to stay silent. The man was not willing to take Bhima with him. Ramji went along. Bhima left afterwards. Meera scold Jijabai on her behavior towards Bhima. She was determined on what she did and will continue to do so afterwards.

In the gathering Maharaj asked everyone to remember the God. This meeting has been arranged to discuss some serious matter. Maharaj asked his servants to accompany this prayer as well. Since everyone were on fast, the food will be distributed amongst everyone after prayer. He asked everyone to close their eyes and focus to find God in it. Ramji and the man were crossing by, they stopped to analyze the scene. The man asked what Maharaj was up to now? Ramji told him that it is all staged by him to compel the people to believe him.

While Maharaj asked everyone to pray with their eyes closed, he ate the grapes. Ramji asked the villagers to focus on their practice. The villagers obeyed Maharaj. Maharaj came forward to Ramji telling him that this is the trust his people have in him. Ramji disagreed and said that this blind trust will break one day. What will Maharaj do then? Ramji was asked to leave, he cursed Seth ji for standing next to a lower cast. He has only lost his work, swiftly he will lose all his family ultimately destroying his life. Maharaj continued the practice with the villagers. He went on to his seat and started eating grapes. Seth ji wondering what Maharaj told him to join the villagers in this prayer. He sat with a villager, tapped him to look at Maharaj who was enjoying his grapes. They rose to their feet disappointed at him. seeking answers. The man went back standing next to Ramji. Maharaj was silent and confused.

Bhima went to Guru ji asking for help. Bhima asked if he is creating troubling for everyone , if he is wrong in his doings and sayings. Jijabai and the man both have told him that. Guru ji called a fruit – seller passing by, asking him where he was going. Guru ji told him take rest, fruit seller said that he can’t do so as he has to earn to survive the day. The fruit – seller left. Guru ji told Bhima that his village suffering due to shortage of water while his neighbored village are suffering due to excesses water supply. Bhima couldn’t understand. Guru ji explained that as the fruit seller wanted to rest but couldn’t because of the external pressure asking him to earn money, similar to that there are many forces which come in or way but to damage the belief and question our faith. Bhima must never undermine his conviction and dedication achieve his purpose. Bhima was grateful for having a Guru like him. Guru ji asked him to do something that may make him proud of having a student like Bhima.

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