Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th October 2020 Bala tells his Baba he will win this competition. He tells Dhruv to give his best so it will be unbiased. Bhima makes him swear on him about that. Baba needs to be sure about it too. Bala smiles at his Baba.

Bala and Dhruv practise at night. Ram ji is watching them from the window. Meera notices him and signals Bhimbai to look. Bhimbai is perplexed. Till morning, he was against it. I don’t understand how he has agreed suddenly. Meera says Bala is his son. Like Bhaiya said, he wants his every kid to succeed. Bhimbai rues that Bala would have been so motivated if Ram ji had come there in the afternoon. Bhima tells the truth to his mother and Meera. Baba was standing in a corner. Bhimbai wonders if she wont be able to understand her husband her entire life. I cannot realise how much he will do for his kids and what decisions he will take for their well-being. Dhruv and Bala end their practise session for the night. Bala looks at his Baba. Bhimbai asks everyone to have food.

Dhruv is about to eat dinner when Dhansukhlal walks in with Mangesh. I want you to see the sunrise after tomorrow in Bombay. I apologize for whatever I have done to you in the past. You can also do my shraad tomorrow morning if you want. You can play afterwards. Win this competition for me please. You should play at a good place if that’s what you want. I will give you whatever you want once you win this competition. I will change as per your wish. Dhruv agrees to try but Mangesh tells him to win at any cost. You must do it for your Baba. I know that Bala is better than you. You must stop him tomorrow at any cost. He gives something to Dhruv to mix in Bala’s food tomorrow. Bala will become ill and he wont be able to play tomorrow. You will be chosen then. Dhansukhlal says we are doing this to make sure you win this competition. We will do whatever you will ask us to do afterwards. Dhruv agrees. Bhima overhears their convo from outside and gets tesned. Dhansukhlal tells Dhruv they will listen to whatever he has to say after he does this. Dhruv hugs him. Will it work? Mangesh nods. Bala will become unhealthy for 2 days after eating this. Dhruv gulps down the mixture himself. I will see how it works now. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh tell him to vomit. Let us take you to Vaid ji.

Dhruv runs out to Sakpal House and tells them everything. They are shocked to realise what he has done. Dhruv starts feeling dizzy. I may or may not pay tomorrow but Bala Bhaiya will surely play. Dhansukhlal asks Dhruv to come with him but Dhruv asks him to leave. Don’t touch me. I promise you I will come to meet you tomorrow if I am good enough to play tomorrow. I will try to also give you a fitting reply to what you told me in the house a while ago. Ram ji tells Bhimbai to give water to Dhruv and force him to vomit. Dhuv is reluctant. Dhansukhlal coaxes him to drink it but Dhruv tells him to see what happens to him now. Bhima gives him his swear. Dhruv gives in. Manjula and Meera go to make kadha for him. Bhimbai and Bala help Dhruv vomit. Dhansukhlal asks him how he is feeling. They take Dhruv inside. Dhansukhlal keeps asking them about Dhruv’s health but no one tells him anything. He stands there feeling helpless. Ram ji walks back to him. people often fall in the grave that they dig for someone else. You both may not understand yet I will tell you one thing. A good father tries to make sure that his kids don’t have the same shortcomings as his. Mangesh tells him to stop lecturing them. We don’t like it yet we are forced to hear you out at you got Dhruv here. Ram ji smiles. It is a logical thing so you wont understand it. Think about it if you can. Dhansukhlal again asks about Dhruv’s health. Ram ji assures him that he will be fine as he has vomited. It is good to know that you still have love for your son. Mangesh dismisses the villagers who were watching the drama.

Mangesh fuels Dhansukhlal against Ram ji. He has instigated your son against you and has lectured us just now. I seethe in anger when I see your son with him. I don’t know how you bear it. It is the best time to wipe a clean slate. Think of how Dhruv will win the competition tomorrow. Dhansukhlal nods. It is very important!

Anand asks Dhruv if he is feeling better. Meera gives him kadha. Dhruv complains that it is bitter. Ram ji reasons that medicines are bitter only. Anand asks Dhruv if he made the same face when he ate that powder. Dhruv denies. Everyone smiles. Bhimbai tells Dhruv he must drink it tomorrow as well.

Bhima apologizes to Dhruv. Dhruv gets confused. What happened? Bhima shares that he was outside his house when he accepted that powder from his Baba. For a moment I thought you will mix it in Bala Bhaiya’s food. I would have told Baba and Bhaiya everything after coming home. I wonder how I even thought of that. Dhruv says anyone could have thought of the same thing. Bhima says it was me only and it is a sin to doubt someone. Bhimbai asks them what happened. Dhruv tells her and Ram ji to explain to Bhima. Give him a kadha with which he can think a little less. Ram ji smiles. He explains the significance of how doubts strengthen relations. Dhruv nods. I can even sacrifice my life for our friendship. Bhima says me too and hugs him. Everyone smiles.

Villagers are making preps for the competition at Sahastrabuddhi’s house.

Bhimbai gives Prasad to both the boys. Her eyes well. Dhruv asks her why she is crying. She says one of you will go to Bombay now. I was thinking about that only. Ram ji tells her that a mother’s tears make a kid weak. Boys must go away to succeed. Bhima nods. Baba also says that we must look at the good things behind everything. You should think that irrespective of who wins, you will still win. Everyone nods.

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