Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th November 2022  lawyer questioned how Bhim Rao got to know about the truth. Bhim Rao told that a lie cannot be hidden for long. Rama asked lawyer to worry about court, because Jijabai was with them. Lawyer was leaving, Jijabai stopped him.

She asked him to fight this case for her from now on. Jijabai cannot afford his fee, but will arrange some money for him. Jijabai told Rama and Bhim Rao and that she sided with lawyer, asked them to worry about court. Bhim Rao left. Rama wanted to talk. Jijabai refused to listen to her. Rama told Jijabai about Ramji’s failing health.

Bala’s wife brought Bala lunch. He refused to eat. She asked him to live up to his challenge. He recalled that the challenge was only about the tea. Bala’s wife requested him for he would fell ill. Bala vehemently refused. She asked him to throw the food away, reminded him about throwing the tea that he had to drink latter.

Bala told her that the pattern cannot repeat, or they would spend their entire life fighting over it. Bala’s wife was ready, she was keen on not losing. She asked how Bala would fell seeing his wife see cleaning his mess. She again asked him to have the food or she won’t eat as well. She recalled Meera counseling her, asking her to show him love. She asked him to sit. Bala’s wife fed him lunch.

Joshi praised Jijabai for being a burden on anyone. He would have informed Jijabai if he knew that she would support them. Jijabai only wanted to adopt a child with his husband, all other reasons of this battle were not her concern. Joshi wanted Bhim Rao to lose this battle. Varchand asked them to come to court. Jijabai being in court with them would help them win this case.

Rama was worried. Ramji would be hurt to know that Jijabai was supporting the lawyer. She prayed for Bhim Rao to get a lawyer. Bhim Rao came, told that no lawyer agreed to fight. Everyone said that their chances of winning the case in Jijabai’s presence were null. Rama said that they have to go to court.

Ramji and the family were leaving for court. Hitesh with his fellows came telling Ramji that tables will turn for him one day. This might be the day that Ramji goes to jail. Joku blames Ramjo for all the troubles. Daliya stopped them. Ramji asked Daliya to let everyone speak, time will answer him. Ramji and family left for court.

Bhim Rao and Rama were worried. Rama asked for a solution, they need to go to court. Bhim Rao was confused as none of the lawyers were ready to fight the case. Ramji came to him. Bhim Rao told that no lawyer was ready to take the case. Ramji told that he knew a lawyer since childhood, he can not think of anyone better than him to fight this case. Bhim Rao questioned.

Ramji said that it was Bhim Rao. He didn’t care if he wins or lost the case but having Bhim Rao by his side would give him strength. Bhim Rao was ready. He was ready to write key point of this case, asked that he would need a court. Ramji asked Rama to bring Bhim Rao’s court. Bhim Rao went to bring paper and pen.

Deepak’s mother was in favor of adopting a child. She talked to Daliya about it. It would bring peace in Ramji and Jijabai’s house. Phuliya agreed with them, said that it would only happen If Ramji agrees. Hitesh told that Lawyer asked Ramji to accept Jijabai’s demand or everyone would suffer punishment.

A man questioned Hitesh for falsely testifying against Ramji. Hitesh agreed, told that they were given money for it and made court from it. The man threatened to burn their courts. Those men lighted a mashal. It was symbol of their support to Bhim Rao. Hitesh and his fellows considered it a joke, they went to bring their court.

Bhim Rao prepared his case. Rama brought him his court. Bhim Rao thanked Rama. She told that Ramji doesn’t know about Jijabai siding with Joshi and Varchand. She requested him to take care of Ramji, he was already ill.

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