Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th January 2021 Bala says problems don’t really go away. We have been summoned now. It would have been better if we had killed Maharaj. Mangesh warns him to mind his tongue. Bala says that’s why we all don’t understand each other. He goes inside. Puranjan asks Mangesh why they must go. Mangesh shrugs. Bhimbai does not want them to go but Bhima wants to know what Maharaj wants. He requests his Baba to come. Puranjan thinks that Maharaj has weaved a new web. You two might be in danger. Ram ji says danger is everywhere. Bhima is right. We must meet him once.

Maharaj paces and the villagers wait around him. Ram ji and Bhima come there with Mangesh. Ram ji asks him why he has called them here. Maharaj says I can remove all the rules and regulations that are applicable on your family. We will accept only your family though. You can even take water from our well too. No one else is allowed to do so though. Bhima asks him why he is being so nice to them suddenly. Maharaj says you might be born in a lower community but you are smart. You will still belong to that community but we thought to give you a special status. You all are allowed to be a part of our community. Bhima says this isn’t required. Our fight is for our entire community. They stay awake with us all night and struggle with us throughout the day. You want us to cheat them? I cannot do that! We don’t want to be special. We just want to be equal. Ram ji looks at him proudly. Bhima holds his father’s hand and turns to go when Maharaj tells Ram ji to make Bhima understand. Ram ji says he has explained it to you well. What’s left to decipher or explain now? He takes their leave and heads home with his son.

Sakpal family is waiting anxiously at home. Bhima and Ram ji come home just then. Bhimbai asks Bhima what happened. Bhima says he called us there to tell us that we can become special and look down upon other people from our community. Ram ji tells the rest. Puranjan asks Ram ji what he said. Ram ji says Bhima gave a reply before I could say anything. We want to be equal and not special. Anand claps. Bhima was right. Maharaj thinks he is too smart. Ram ji says education makes one smart but the education which takes someone to the wrong path is of no use. Bhimbai tells Bhima she always tries to stop him but he was called there because of his efforts only. I am sure that one day they will come here because of your struggle. They will accept that we are one. There will be no rich or poor! Everyone smiles. Manjula offers them tea. Bhimbai hugs Bhima. She heads outside to check on the clothes. Ram ji tells her that he is going to work. I wont come home tonight. She nods. Bhima tells Anand they must study. Our exams are due soon. Meera tells them to drink tea / milk first.

Bhimbai experiences sharp pain and feels dizzy.

Anand suggests that they should invite Maharaj to live with them. Bhima can give pravachan. Everyone smiles.

The cup falls from Bhimbai’s hand and she passes out on the floor. Everyone rushes to her. They put her on the cot. Bala tells Meera that they are taking Aayi to Vaid ji. They all take Bhimbai to Vaid ji’s house on the cot after which Ram ji takes her inside. Vaid ji asks them to wait outside. She checks Bhimbai next. She grinds some herbs and gives to Bhimbai. Bhima keeps asking about his mother from outside. Bhimbai gains conscious. I am fine. She sits up but her head is still paining. She is surprised to see Vaid ji. How did I come here? Vaid ji tells her.

Bhima asks his Baba to ask Vaid ji if Aayi is fine. Everyone waits with bated breath.

Bhimbai says this headache happens every now and then. My husband and kids worry for no reason. Where are they? Vaid ji says they are outside. She gives her a cloth to tie on her forehead. Bhimbai coughs badly. Vaid ji says I don’t know whether I should share it with you or your husband. Bhimbai tells her to share it with her only. They hear Bhima asking about his mother’s health. Bhimbai says he wont be at peace till the time I will go outside and tell him that I am fine. Vaid ji tells Bhimbai that she is not well. You don’t have much time left now. Bhimbai is in tears.

Mangesh says we should have killed Bhima right then and there. Bhimbai says every sin is destined to be punished. We must not focus on defeats but how we can achieve success. Let’s discuss that.

Bhima asks his Baba why Vaid ji is taking so much time. Is aayi fine? He cries. Bhimbai steps out just then. I am perfectly fine. Bhima, Manjula and Tulsa hug her. Anand and Bala wipe their tears as well. Bhimbai lies that she is perfectly fine. Ram ji asks Vaid ji what happened to Bhimbai. Bhimbai says it is headache only. Anand points out that this has never happened before. Bhimbai says it was a bit worse. Bhimbai says I told you they panic for no reason. Bhima requests Vaid ji to give her a medicine because of which she will never fall ill again. Vaid ji reasons that she is a human being after all. Give her medicine on time. Bhimbai nods. Bala tells her to take care of herself. I don’t like bringing you here often. Ram ji smiles sadly at his wife. Bhimbai assures him that she is fine. Ram ji offers fees to Vaid ji but she tells him to take care of Bhimbai. They head home.

Bhimbai thinks of Vaid ji’s words.

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