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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th February 2021 Vilagers are having a bonfire when Maharaj’s fake ghost appears. The person introduces himself as Bhimbai’s ghost. I have come to seek revenge. People run away. The guy continues scaring other villagers in a similar manner. Everyone runs helter-skelter to safeguard themselves. Two men (planted by Maharaj) tell villagers that only Maharaj can save them from Bhimbai’s ghost. They reach Maharaj’s doorstep for help. Mangesh asks Maharaj to come outside but Maharaj wants them to become more desperate. That will be the right time to help.

Ram ji sits down to wash utensils. Bhima tells him to leave it. We will do it. Ram ji tells him to either sleep or study. Bhima reasons that all of them can share it. Ram ji does not want to hamper their studies, play time or sleep time. Bhima calls it wrong. He calls his siblings outside. Bala offers to do it but Ram ji says it is your Baba’s duty to look after everyone. You must not overlook your duties when emotions overwhelm you. Rest now. Manjula offers to do it but Bhima seconds their Baba. He thinks of Ram ji’s words.

Maharaj finally steps outside to calm the villagers. They tell him that Bhimbai’s ghost is troubling them. Maharaj advises them to approach a tantric. They reason that Bhima and his family have fooled him away already. They plead him to protect them. We will be dead otherwise. Maharaj tells them to make preps for a shanty puja. I will take Bhimbai’s ghost from here. it will be possible only when you will be able to convince them to be a part of this puja. Will you be able to do it? Villagers agree. We will do it by force if needed. Maharaj says there is no need to use force for a puja. They ask him what they should do then.

Ram ji has cleaned utensils. He sits on the cot and is exhausted. He notices everyone looking at him curiously. Sleep now. Kids come and press his hand and feet for him. He assures them that he is fine. Bhima says you did your duty. It is our turn now. Anand says we feel bad as to why we never thought of doing this for aayi when she was around. Ram ji hugs him. They hear villagers shouting and go outside. Villagers have gathered outside and demand to get rid of Bhimbai’s ghost. Bhima says she is not a ghost. They insist that they have seen her. People even got hurt while running and you say she is not a ghost? Bhima refuses. They ask him to take part in the shanty puja but Bhima says she is still my Aayi after death. We wont take part in any such puja. Villagers say we will make it happen. Bala tells them to try forcing them then. They say it is shanty puja so we will do it peacefully. We will sit right outside and urge you to be a part of it. They sit down. We will see how it wont happen.

Maharaj says the strategy to fight Bhima is his this time. He has won many small fights by doing such things in the past. He can try and win now! You and your family must believe in the puja we will hold and you will have to be a part of it! Your arrogance will be broken this time. You will show faith in our faith and accept it wholeheartedly. I will force you to give up on studies afterwards. People from our community have a right to study after all!

Bhima is against the idea of puja. Her soul is calmer than before. Villagers refuse to move. Ram ji asks them if Bhimbai bothered them while she was alive. Why will she do it now? I have said it in the past and I am repeating it now. We are disturbed and worried. Please leave us alone. They tell Ram ji to be a part of the puja. We don’t want to argue with you either. Just be a part of this puja. They chant slogans against Bhimbai’s spirit.

Bhima sits near a window and writes in his notebook – no one should do it. One should not aggravate someone else’s pain. It is Maharaj’s doing. I will never forget what you did! You made such a big drama when my Aayi left us. Ram ji hears him. You must also learn that humanity is about sharing your pain. Every situation brings forward an opportunity. It is a chance to either hold onto someone’s hand or to let go completely. It brings out the characteristics of a person – how sorted is he and how he can inspire others. Anand asks his Baba what they should do now. They wont budge. Bhima says nature helps those who are true. Everyone leaves the side of those who lie. It will be unveiled one day after all. Ram ji is sure this will happen here too.

Next morning, villagers refuse to move till the time they get rid of Bhimbai’s spirit. We wont eat or drink anything either. Sakpal family is watching them. Ram ji asks Bhima to have milk but he refuses politely. We will not drink or eat anything either. We will share their pain this way. We might be able to find a solution this way. A guy tells him to agree for the puja. We will find the solution. Bhima denies. Shanti puja is done when someone is not at peace. My Aayi bore all the taunts and problems given by you when she was alive. Why will she be restless now? Ram ji sends Bala to work and Bhima and Anand to school. I will watch them. Bhima says they can become aggressive too. Ram ji tells him to leave it on him.

Dhansukhlal says this drama will continue but I don’t know what to do next. Maharaj points at a woman standing there. She will tell Ram ji that villagers are right. Only a woman can calm a man when he lands in problems. She says he isn’t ready to step out of the house. It isn’t right for me to go there. He wont step out of the house because the villagers are there. maharaj asks them who they have brought here.

Bhima and Anand are on their way to school. Bhima says tantric came here to do the same thing but then he left. Aayi would have told me if she had really done that. Those who are saying that they have seen it are most probably lying. Aayi wouldn’t have told me if that was the case. Maharaj must be up to something! We must find out the truth. Anand offers to investigate the matter. You should go to school. Bhima tries to argue but Anand says I am not very good in studies. Aayi told me to be with you always. It means I should do whatever is right for you. There will be no obstacle in your studies till the time I am here. go to school now. Bhima is sure Aayi cannot do it. Anand runs to find a clue.

Maharaj says you said that this woman can turn everyone blind in no second but she isn’t able to fool even a few men. She says I don’t understand. Maharaj says you can go with someone if not aloe. She smirks.

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