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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th June 2021 Pandit said the Mangesh was acting, God can not come in anyone’s dream except Maharaj. Mangesh pleaded Maharaj to let go o his land. Maharaj agreed, he said to consult God once more to see his stance on the issue. Maharaj was leaving, Bhima Rao stopped him. He said that its easy to plant something in night and dig it out in daylight, doing something like that is not called God’s symbol but a bogus identity. Just like Mangesh sooner or later everyone will understand his reality, Maharaj must ponder on this bitter truth.

Maharaj left. The villager called Mangesh Dharam breaker, he believed the snaked for which God will punish him. Mangesh vehemently asked everyone to leave. The men left. Mangesh fell to the ground and wept. Bhim Rao consoled him as no one will take his land. Mangesh refused, he said to crying because of his people who didn’t support him in need. Bhim Rao answered that trusting blindly is like someone following a cunning fox. Mangesh cried remembering the time he hurt Bhim Rao, he graciously thanked Bhim Rao while sitting on his knees. Puranjan saw it from a distance. Bhim Rao wanted to grab Mangesh’s hand but stopped taking a step back.

Puranjan came running to Ramji informing him about Mangesh’s thanking Bhim Rao. Sandesh unbothered went back inside. Rani wondered what happened to him. Rani and Anand asked Ramji to explain the whole scene. Puranjan told them how Bhim Rao sorted Maharaj’s conspiracy. Ramji gladly said the Mangesh has was grateful not just for what Bhim Rao did but his humanity and his view for the people. Rani called for a celebration. Bhim Rao came, Rani invited him for dinner. Puranjan wanted to spread the new, Ramji asked him to teach people hoe to express gratitude despite of the differences and the cruel past Bhim Rao helped Mangesh. He said that the people must be taught to exercise the same act. Puranjan left to carry the message. Ramji advised Bhim Rao to be more alert from now, Maharaj would be restless.

Sandesh was irritated from listening to the lower caste’s order, when once he was the one giving instructions. Rani questioned why Sandesh was jealous of Bhim Rao. Sandesh wasn’t happy dealing with Bhim Rao in the shoe business while people of his caste used to serve him in the village. Rani retaliated and said that he didn’t consider the caste difference while marrying her. Sandesh married Rani for love, which wasn’t a problem for him but living with the lower caste was. Rani replied that his caste members ridiculed them, made their life a mess but these people didn’t even question our intentions. She informed him about Bhim Rao’s dinner.

Ramji asked Sandesh to note all the income and sale they made today. Sandesh asked Bala to bring a copy pencil from his home.

Bhim Rao finished the meal at Rani’s house, the stomach was at the verge to burst. Rani asked him to leave the plate, Bhim Rao refused to let a citizen of an upper caste clean his leftovers. Rani claimed to have left her caste a long time ago, she wished for other to do the same. Bhim Rao insisted, Rani asked her not to clean the plate. He saw Bala coming in. Bala replied that he came here with work concerns, not to have dinner. Bhima Rao that it’s a matter of fate, he put the plate a side and left. Bala asked for the copy, Rani gave him the copy and turned. Bala questioned the issue, her ignorance was annoying him. Rani asked her to leave, Bala said that he will leave and never return. Rani wondered how to explain him the situation.

Maharaj rewinding Mangesh contradicting his claim scold Sethji and Pandit for being of no use as Mangesh asked for help from Bhim Rao instead of them. They should be ashamed. Mangesh should be punished for insulting his caste. Sethji wanted to kill and throw and body in the river. Maharaj refused to take his life, he wanted to talk to Mangesh’s brother. Sethji and Pandit went to being Mahesh. Maharaj swerved to punish Bhim Rao and Mangesh.

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Telecast Date:7th June 2021
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