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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th October 2020 Bhimbai and Ram ji tell Bhima that Ram ji will leave after 15-2- days. I am sharing it so you guys can make up your mind around this thought. Bhimbai says my kids are very strong. Bhima sits in a corner sadly. Bhimbai explains why it is important for Baba to work. Ram ji wipes his tears. Shoulders and responsibilities are what the epitomes of life. You must strengthen your shoulders to bear your responsibilities. Life will become better the day it happens. A work may upset you but you shouldn’t feel weak ever. It will ruin your work otherwise. The strength inside your shoulders is what our actual shoulders are. Bhimbai tells Ram ji to freshen up. I will make tea for you.

Dhruv and Bala return home. Dhruv keeps coaxing Bala to tell Ram ji but Bala is reluctant. Finally, Dhruv tells Ram ji that Bala will be playing music at a nearby house tomorrow and would be glad if you can watch him play. You can also see how I am doing. Ram ji declines. I wanted Bala to study and he wanted to pursue this road. I gave in because I knew that he wont give it up. I am not happy with his decision so there is no point. He can live with his decision and I can live with my regret. My son gave up studies and plays instruments. Bhima requests him not to say so but Ram ji tells him not to argue on this topic and goes inside.

Bala walks in sadly. Not everyone can be Bhima. What to do if I don’t understand all that stuff? Bhima says Bhaiya is a little upset. He dint stop you. Bala says he should also praise me sometimes like he praises Bhima. I am not envious of my little brother but how can I forget that I am his son too. Bhimbai caresses his face. We will come to see you play tomorrow. Meera nods.

Bhima tells his Baba that everyone can go but it will matter to Bala Bhaiya only when you will go. Ram ji says it mattered to me as well when he gave up studies and picked up that instrument. You dint tell your Bhaiya the same thing back then. you wont understand my pain as a father when kids make their own way instead of the path chosen by their father! I wont come in any such function. Bhima says you are right. I may not understand it as a father but I can understand my brother’s pain as I am a brother.

Bala tells his family never to come in any of his functions. I never hoped for it. I will still play it and I will play it in big houses one day. He addresses his Baba who is sitting outside. you will then realise that my decision wasn’t wrong. He walks out sadly.

Meera gives tea to Ram ji. You shouldn’t have spoken to Bala like that. He asks her if everyone will tell him this individually. Bhimbai tells Meera not to talk to him. He is always right. He would have thought of something before saying that to Bala. Ram ji nods. He may become a big person one day because of his occupation but does society respect such people? I will come back after days. My absence will motivate him. There is a fire inside him right now. He might study some day while pursuing his interest. I don’t want that hope to die.

Bala is sitting next to the fire. Bhima and Anand request him not to cry. You know Baba believes in education more. Why are you taking his words to your heart? Bala asks them to leave. Bhima tells Dhruv that Bhaiya looks bad when he cries. Dhruv seconds him. Bala asks them to leave. He raises his hand to hit Bhima but stops himself. Bhima says you are our elder brother. You don’t look good when you cry. You will look good when you will get angry. He wipes his tears and hugs him. Anand and Dhruv join in. Dhruv says should we go and eat now or I will cry because of hunger. Everyone smiles.

Bali tells Dhansukhlal they have checked everywhere but Madhvi has disappeared. Dhansukhlal suggests speaking to Madhvi’s father. He would have found out about her whereabouts by now. Mangesh shares that Madhvi’s parents have left town. Pundit ji says it is good. They had sinner enough. Kulkarni mocks them. It is you guys who have sinned. Can you guys not think about something else? You are always hell bent on ruining others’ lives. He looks at Pundit ji. You can even backstab them tomorrow if needed. You guys live by tapping onto everyone’s fear. Dhansukhlal tells him he will be in pain because of the way he talks. Kulkarni laughs at him. I wonder why you guys don’t talk normally with each other. You always plan to ruin someone or the other! Pundit ji tells him to stop. We wont hear another word you say now. Kulkarni notices Bhima walking by with his brother and Guru ji. That kid is enough for you all. He is going to school to build a new society while you guys waste your time trying to screw people. I think he is better than you all! He leaves. Mangesh calls Bhima a disease. He will affect all of us one by one. Kulkarni is from our community yet he called Bhima better than us today. Dhansukhlal says we must take care of both Kulkarni and these people now. Bali and another guy suggest going to a kid’s mundan ceremony. Many influential people will be there. They even ask Dhansukhlal to lend them some of their kurta’s. Dhansukhlal looks at them from head to toe and then leaves.

Bhima and Anand requests Guru ji to let them leave early today. We want to attend the function where Bala Bhaiya is playing music.

Bala and Dhruv are leaving for work when Bhimbai wishes them well. We will join you guys. Bala tells her not to come and leaves. Dhruv tells her to come. I have come to understand Bala Bhaiya while learning music with him. He would be happy to see you guys there. He leaves as well.

All the villagers come to Sahastrabuddhi’s house. Few Englishmen come to attend the function as well. Dhansukhlal asks Sahastrabuddhi if he chose the right guy to play music. He nods and excuses himself. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal it is good that they dint call Bala and Dhruv here or you would have been insulted. Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet.

Ram ji is all set to leave for work. Bhimbai tries ask him to come to the function but he refuses.

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