Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th July 2022 episode begins with Bhim Rao greeting his eldest sister-in-law. Bhim Rao questioned Bala. Bala knew that Bhim Rao would advise him to sit and talk the matter out.

Bhim Rao objected Bala’s action to drag his wife out of here, he was disrespecting her. Hitesh said that Bala was a man, can do anything. Bhim Rao said that a man must respect his wife. Joku asked Bala not to get manipulated by Bhim Rao.

Ramji asked Bala not to listen to anyone else, Bhim Rao was right. Bala questioned Ramji for always considering Bhim Rao right whether it’s his problem or Bhim Rao’s. Bala was older than Bhim Rao, he knew what a man was.

He screamed at his wife to walk out. They left. Natwar mocked Ramji, said that they enjoyed the theater. Daliya asked everyone to leave.Bala forbids his wife from going to that house again. She argued, asked him to visit his family. They were good people. Bala questioned if he was a bad man, didn’t love her or fulfilled his responsibility. He forbids her from going to that again.

Meera questioned Bhabi for taunting Bala. Jijabai questioned, Bhabi was a member of this family and according to that she had the right to say anything. Meera argued, said that they were taking to Bala. Bhabi shouldn’t have intervened. Bhabi questioned Meera for not stopping Ramji for making Bala a rebel.

She also questioned Bhim Rao for lecturing his elder brother. Bhim Rao tried to explain himself. Bhabi stopped him, said that he must not intervene when elders are talking. Bhabi questioned Meera for stopping her from talking rather than her daughter in laws.

Ramji asked Bhabi to live here like a guest, she must not involve herself in his family matters. Bhabi told Ramji that she wasn’t a guest here, she came here to live until she satisfies herself that Jijabai wasn’t alone.

She would question, avenge everyone for mistreating Jijabai. Bhim Rao was about to leave. Bhabi ordered him to stay and not leave until she finishes. Bhim Rao didn’t consider her words to be of any use.

Bhabi replied that Bhim Rao’s realization were a curse for this family. Bhim Rao left. Ramji asked who got eh division line removed. Bhabi told that she did this, it was better for everyone to live together. Bhabi asked Rama to reheat the tea. She ordered her to bring tea outside.

Joshi told Varchand about Bhim Rao’s tears, that clamed Joshi. For the first time he felt that Bhim Rao could be defeated. Varchand was happy to hear, asked what to do next. Joshi told that if the teacher refuses to teach for next few days Bhim Rao would surely visit Principle about it.

Some teachers and Principle favor Bhim Rao. Varchand asked Joshi to get Principle on his side, find out the subject Bhim Rao lacks after that invite the teacher of that subject for tea. They wanted Bhim Rao to fail in one or more subjects, it would make Bhim Rao cry.

Joshi said that he would try his best. Varchand asked him to assure. Joshi was about to leave. Varchand told Joshi about Bhabi, Hitesh informed that she could be of good use.

Rama brought Bhabi the tea. She didn’t like it, called everyone to tell them about the tea. She humiliated Rama for making worst tea of all time. Bhim Rao was angry at Bhabi for insulting Rama. Rama stopped Bhim Rao.

Daliya questioned Bhabi for humiliating her hosts. Bhabi called Ramji, Jijabai outside. Asked them to inform everyone she wasn’t a guest here. Bhabi asked Daliya to focus on her work. She than asked everyone to tell why Rama made such bad tea. Hitesh told that Rama might not know who to make tea.

Bhabi called him wrong. Meera questioned Bhabi for making a scene. Bhabi asked Meera to let her speak. Joku said that everything in this house was different, thus Rama’s way for making tea would be different as well.

Bhabi decided to answer herself. She called Rama. Bhim Rao stopped her, said that she wouldn’t come. If Bhabi liked the tea she should drink it for throw it way. Bhabi called Bhim Rao ill mannered. She asked Rama to face the truth, called her to come here. Rama came., Bhabi threw the tea.

She told Bhim Rao that she threw the tea. Bhabi told everyone that Rama makes the worst tea because her in laws were like that. Ramji ad enough of Bhabi, asked her to leave. Jijabai questioned, said that when Puranjan and Mangesh were allowed to leave here, Bhim Rao’s guest were allowed to live than Bhabi would live here as well.

Ramji wasn’t consulting, it was his order. He asked Jijabai to send her Bhabi back, either by will or by force.

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Telecast Date:6th July 2022
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