Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th April 2021 episode starts with Ramji giving Meera a bag full of groceries asking her to make delicious meal in today’s celebration. Puranjan came in with his fellows he wanted to hail Ramji and celebrate his return to the family today. He was very delighted to see the father – son bond with Bhima, it gives him strength and power. Ramji questions Meera about Bhima absence, Jijabai tells him that he is inside Ramji was curious if they had an argument. Jijabai informs that she has not spoken to him yet. Meera asks everyone to put the groceries aside so that she may cook a meal for them. Puranjan tells Jijabai he is still curious that how has she managed to get Ramji back, but he is happy that she did so.

Bhima was sleeping, Ramji set beside him. In his sleep Bhima asks that weather his mother remembers him the same way he remembers her. Ramji tells him that there are many ways you can remember one person if you do it in sadness to gain solace you can do it in your happiness as well. Ramji was happy to be there for them. Bhima hugged his father asking him to question everyone as they have troubled by making him sing in his absence. Ramji nods.

The villagers where ranting about Ramji and his family insulting them in the panchayet today. They were furious of how Seth ji and other elder members like Maharaj did not stood up for them and left, making them a failure Infront of Bhima and his family. Seth ji said that they have not lost but they had to do so to save another Mangesh questions how Bhima has gathered confidence to act against us. Seth ji that he goes to study he has been able to do all this that is why Maharaj opposes his wish to gather knowledge.

in Ramji house everyone gathered for a celebration with mirror cooking and Brandon sitting with his fellow. Ramji questions everyone for troubling Bhima over the song, Puranjan said that they have only been doing so to fulfil Ramji’s absence. Ramji asks Bhima to sing. Bhima was not confidant as he lacks a good voice like his father. Ramji insisted.

The villagers were also celebrating, they were determined to defeat the lower cast they initiated it with a celebration.

Guru ji was sitting alone in his home thinking of the many kinds of celebration his village is witnessing today. On one hand Ramji and his family celebrating for reuniting with each other whilst on the other hand Maharaj and his companions celebrating to destroy the lower cast. He condemns the villagers and their reason of festivity. He thinks to himself that conspiring for someone’s defeat can cause one’s own destruction.

Pundit announces that from tomorrow they will start preparing for the Murti and with the coming income they will start constructing the temple Maharaj interrupts and adds that money is not the means of creation but the love, respect, and dedication about worship and the worshipper is the real motive and the definite reality of the temple. Mangesh was fortunate of Maharaj, he is no less than a God and that he will forever be grateful for whatever he has done. Being a helper in the construction of this temple is the only was Mangesh can repay him. Seth ji tells everyone to have a cunning response for whatever Ramji and his Family will do in future, they are the threat to this temple. The villagers must prepare themselves.

Ramji asks everyone to start a fresh day from tomorrow, they must function normally and not let today’s happening effect their behavior. From now on the villager will try to hurt and trouble them in all ways possible, creating new problems every day. He tells them not to lose hope. Everyone approves and leaves for the night. Baala sits back remembering the torture and torment he went through today. He calls Bhima. Everyone comes out. His aching bruises puts a question of whether his cast members be treating the same way to which Bhima replies that he promises to change this course of action. Baala oaths to stand with him in this journey not as his brother but as a member of this cast. Anand comes forward with the same intention declaring Bhima they leader in this struggle.

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Telecast Date:6th April 2021
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