Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th October 2020 Ram ji tells police captain that we are being blamed for helping Madhvi elope yet her father isn’t willing to even come here. This proves that we are innocent. They still want to attack us. Police captain says we got a request to open a police station here. Looking at the situation, it does look like it’s important to open one here. He dismisses the villagers. Ram ji requests police captain to open the station asap. He nods. Villagers aren’t afraid of law when it comes to religion. You should be careful. Bala wonders what they will do when police is afraid to meddle in this matter. Bhima says police should be strong enough to intervene when required. Police captain reminds him that he is a kid. Don’t get into all this. Englishmen aren’t ruling us while sitting in England for no reason. They don’t want any social unrest. They leave. Puranjan heads home as well.

Bhima asks his Baba why police captain called law complicated when it should be direct and just. Why are Englishmen living in England afraid of social unrest? Ram ji explains that law is straight but it is run by human beings only. Englishmen wont want any social unrest here if they want to continue ruling us. This will force people to rebel. They know it well that people can take a stand against them in that case. Bhima nods.

Bala asks Dhruv to come. Dhruv congratulates Bhima once again. May you keep gaining such victories all the time and we will play music for you. You can dance then. Anand chips in. I will dance as well. Everyone smiles. Bala and Dhruv leave. Bhima tells Anand they must go to school now. I couldn’t really understand what Baba said. Ram ji smiles. You will understand it soon.

Bhimbai tells Bhima not to go to school right now as the villagers are furious. Bhima assures her that there is nothing to worry as their anger has no ground. Bhimbai finds that threatening but he reassures her that he is fine.

Dhansukhlal and the other villagers are furious for returning empty handed. Pundit ji calls it a sin. We must make sure that people from the lower community stay away from us. We must remind them of the hierarchy. Mangesh agrees. He tells Dhansukhlal that they must think of something big. Dhansukhlal tells him an idea (in mute). Everyone smiles evilly.

Ram ji leaves for work. Meera asks Bhimbai if she remembers what Bhaiya had said when Bhima was born and he held him for the first time. Bhimbai smiles. I do. Darkness will end now. Meera says I see the first light today. I am sure every woman staying in Satara must be proud of Bhima and what he did.

A few widows are waiting for Bhima in the fields. Anand asks Guru ji why these women are here. Guru ji says they might have come to know about what happened and want to thank Bhima. They ask them who Bhima is. Bhima introduces himself. They are unhappy with whatever has happened and throw ink on Bhima. Bhima stops his brother from reacting. Ladies question Bhima how dare he stop them from following their dharma as a widow. They walk away.

Bhimbai says people wouldn’t have treated Madhvi like this if they had heard what her soul was screaming. Meera is thankful that Madhvi is in a better place now. Manjula asks them if Madhvi will marry again. Bhimbai asks her what she wants. Manjula says I want her to re-marry. Bhimbai asks her to bring something from inside. Meera looks at Bhimbai who says this is a modern girl and she would want the best for girls. Sadly, women have become enemies of each other lately.

Ram ji’s boss plays a prank on Ram ji about firing him. Ram ji accepts it wholeheartedly and thanks him for his help. His boss tells his another helper that he told him that Ram ji wont mind it. Ram ji says I do worry but I hope that I will work till the time I am alive. People who are willing to work never stop. The other guy says Seth ji wanted to show us how strong willpower you have. Seth ji tells Ram ji about a new job with double salary. Ram ji is overjoyed and thanks him.

Bhimbai cleans Bhima’s face and hands with water. That’s why I get worried. Bhima says I was talking about their well-being yet they wont be able to live a better lifestyle if they will not accept change. Bhimbai says it isn’t so easy. They have been living like that since decades. With time, they begin to think that they are right. They are threatened using dharma and God so much that they fail to raise their voice against it. Anyone who goes against it is wrong for them. Meera adds that they become habitual to stuff like that. They become fearful of afterlife, sins and virtues. Anand asks them who fed them this nonsense. Ram ji says it is men. They have created so many boundaries for women that they can never step out of it. She must stay within those limits even if they feel suffocated. Widows are targeted the most in this case. Bhima asks him how things will change when they aren’t willing to accept it. Ram ji says it will change when every single person will become open to change. Manjula says it means women have to be strong willed too. He nods. Manjula says I study Bhima’s books when he goes to school. Ram ji compliments her. Bhimbai asks her to bring water for her Baba. She goes.

Bhimbai asks her husband if he knows what happened today. He nods. A revolution is on its way. Ram ji tells them about his new job. I will have to stay there for 3-4 days every week as the place is far. Now Meera and Bhimbai have to look after the kids most of the days. Bhima says we will miss you. Is it important to earn money more than being with his family? Ram ji says it isn’t emotionally but practically it is.

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