Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th July 2022 episode begins with Bhabi questioning why Jijabai was working. She refused to let her, will teach everyone a lesson. She had Jijabai seated.

She then called Lakshmi and Rama, ordered Lakshmi to clean the house. Rama was asked to make tea for everyone. Rama told Bhabi that the house has been divided, Jijabai would not drink the tea.

Bhabi called off the division. Jijabai wanted to question. Bhabi asked Rama to make tea, said that it was daughter’s responsibility to keep the house together. Meera intervened, said that keeping the house divided was necessary. Bhabi was a guest here, she must spend her time here peacefully.

Bhabi asked Meera that she as an adult should have taught everyone to keep the household combined. Lakshmi was asked to erase the line. She told Meera that Jijabai wasn’t alone anymore. Lakshmi erased the line.

Joshi went to college, asked Guruji to listen to him a member of this society. He did everything he could to stop Bhim Rao from studying. Alas! He couldn’t succeed. Bhim Rao came. Joshi told everyone that Bhim Rao was the change who would eat their culture and traditions.

History would blame them for letting Bhim Rao study because he ate up the norms and values which made the society. Guruji agreed with Joshi, said that they would try and stop Bhim Rao for getting educated.

Bhim Rao went to his class. Joshi came in with his friends. He taunted Bhim Rao told everyone that his friends couldn’t be kept in jail. Everyone knew who Joshi and his friends were. The British officer knew as well. Bhim Rao recalled requesting the officer to let Joshi’s friends be free. Meanwhile, teacher came.

He asked about the topic to be discussed today. Bhim Rao answered. Teacher asked Bhim Rao to tell about himself. Bhim Rao was confused as everyone already knew who he was. Teacher asked Bhim Rao to tell him something different about himself or else he would not teach. Bhim Rao questioned, didn’t know what to tell. Everyone instigated him to tell otherwise he would not start teaching.

Bhim Rao knew that teacher wont teach anything. Bhim Rao packed his bag and left. Teacher questioned him for not telling anything about himself. Bhim Rao told that he comes to college to study, he left because his time was being wasted.

Bhim Rao came out, he was devasted. He recalled the discrimination he faced as a child and then in this college. he blamed everyone for making his dream a challenge for him. Joshi and his friends came to Bhim Rao, taunted him for crying.

They mocked him. Bhim Rao was about to leave. Joshi called him, said that he was dying form these challenges. Bhim Rao told Joshi that when he would look back to this day all Joshi would recall would be how he stopped someone from attaining education. He would recall conspiring and troubling others. Joshi said that all he did was for Bhim Rao, he was never understood.

Rama served tea. Bhabi was right, Rama had no manners. Rama asked what she did wrong. Bhabi asked her to stand there and wait to know if they liked the tea. Daliya called everyone outside, Bala’s wife came to meet them.

Rama went to her; she was extremely pleased to see her. Ramji came. Meera introduced Ramji to her. She took Ramji’s blessings. Ramji gave her money as healthy omen. She took Meera, Jijabai and Bhabi’s blessings.

Ramji asked Rama to take her inside. Bala stopped her. He asked her not to come here. She argued, said that it this was her in laws. Ramji asked Bala to let her go inside. Bala questioned how the house was hers when it couldn’t be his. Hitesh agreed with Bala. Ramji asked him to stay away. Hitesh jokingly stepped away. Hitesh said that they had the right to see what was going in his family.

Deepak ran to inform Bhim Rao about the happening, he asked Bhim Rao to come home immediately.

Meera asked Bala not to create a scene. They must go inside. Bala’s wife requested Bala. Bala refused, said that they have to go home now. Bhabi asked Bala not to make a scene, leave if they want to. Bala was taking her wife home when Bhim Rao came.

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