Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th April 2021 episode starts with Ram ji hugging Bala. Ram ji was upset that he had sent the money, then why they needed such hard work. Bhim remembers he received Jijabai’s message that Bhim should write to Ram ji that they no more need his money. Meera tells Ram ji the truth that money was looted and why Bhim had to write to him. Ram ji curses the time he was not standing besides his children in tough times; he is an irresponsible and unsuccessful father. Anand hugs Ram ji. Bhim questions Jijabai why they returned? Jijabai was silent and goes inside. Bhim questions Ram ji about the division? Ram ji must go away with Jijabai once again. Bala says they must welcome the melt in the wall of division. Bhim says it must be through consent of both parties. He speaks to Ram ji that living with him seems a blessing but still he should go with Jijabai.

Maharaj slaps his man for bringing Ram ji back. The man explains Ram ji was living as their caste man in the other village; he only intended to tease him even more. Maharaj says Ram ji came here today and saved his family, they had to save their faces there. Dhansuklal suggests maybe it is because Ram ji is literate. Maharaj says that is the point, they cannot let everyone be educated and question their ways. He suggests establishing temples on the land of schools, so that no one from the lower caste can ever get education.

Ram ji speaks to Bhim in a ground. He says Jijabai had hidden their caste from everyone. When the people knew about the truth they misbehaved with him and threw them out of the village. When they were leaving, Ram ji told Jijabai they will not hide their caste anymore. Jijabai understood they would not be able to stay anywhere peacefully then. Jijabai had placed his hand over her head and inquired why he never left Satara village and is ready to leave this one. Ram ji said that there he had his son Bhim, and wife Bhimabai who strengthened him to fight against everyone. Here, it is impossible because his energy is drained in fighting against Jijabai only. Jijabai suggested going back home then. She accepted that she brought him away from everyone so that he can belong to her; but he divided himself amongst everyone.

She married him because he fights against wrong, but she cannot snatch the trait from him for which he liked her. Ram ji speaks to Bhim that everyone must get one chance. Bhim should also lend a chance to Jijabai. Bhim says he was the line of division, Jijabai had no problem with any other sibling. Ram ji is right, she is a defeated one; they will live in a single house, but the division has not ended. He shall remember that Jijabai is not like his Ayi. Ram ji speaks to himself that he is very stubborn. Guru ji comes there to accompany Ram ji and says this is a good thing. He says it is time they should think about Bhim Rao’s future. Maharaj and other people are planning a few things. They are making attempts to stop the studies of children from their caste. Ram ji takes his suggestion. Guru ji advices Ram ji to leave this village and go to some bigger cities. The education conditions are better. There will be people like Maharaj, and others; but opportunities for Bhim will also be larger. Ram ji remembers coming to village, Bhim’s educational journey and Bhima Bai’s cremation. Ram ji tells Guru ji that he has to resolve a few things before he decides to leave.

Meera applied medicine on Bala’s bruises. Jijabai sat at the door now comes to apply the medicine. Meera leaves space for her. She strictly tells Bala it will keep burning. Bhim comes home to see Jijabai with Bala. He remembers Ram ji’s words, then silently goes inside.

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Telecast Date:5th April 2021
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