Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th November 2022 Bhim Rao told Ramji about Lawyer speaking about injustice being fought. He assured Ramji that they would win in court. Meera said that Jijabai can not win, she shamed her family’s reputation.

Rama said that they will face this battle but wanted it to end with Ramji accepting Jijabai’ request and adopt a child. This will prove that a woman can win as well. Ramji refused; he has talked about it many times. Ramji will not accept that demand. A man called Ramji to come out.

Lakshmi asked the man to take Ramji’s name with respect. The man asked Ramji if he knew him. Ramji didn’t know the man. The man told that his elder daughter in law sent a lawyer just Jijabai.

The man doesn’t receive any pension, his children left, his wife was in mental stress. Rama questioned; it wasn’t Ramji’s fault. She asked the man to handle his miss. Bhim Rao asked the man to leave. The man accused Ramji of his mess; the man was dealing with those issues because Ramji couldn’t handle Jijabai. Sooner or later there will be others facing the same issue because of Ramji.

The man left. Hitesh taunted Ramji for not accepting Jijabai’s demand. He said that everyone will become bad like Jijabai. Bala came, said that Jijabai wasn’t this bad. Joshi came behind him. Bala told everyone about the man who came from Jijabai’s neighborhood. He had a message.

Meera questioned the man. The man came with a negotiation. Jijabai didn’t want her family to get broken after the court case. She has requested everyone to convince Ramji to adopt a child with her. It would solve the problem as well as save her family.

Joshi and Varchand recalled threatening to kill Bala and that man. The man turned, begging to live. Bala told Varchand and Joshi not to be overjoyed, he wasn’t afraid of any of them. Varchand reminded Bala about his biggest problem. Joshi told Bala about Bhim Rao being his biggest problem, though he loved and cared for Bhim Rao.

Joshi asked him to rethink about the challenge, Bala loos would lose him his dignity. He asked Bala to let thing the way they are. It would distract Bhim Rao and Bala would win. Bala decided not to tell Bhim Rao. Joshi gave that man some money to follow orders.

Ramji asked the man to tell Jijabai that he didn’t accept the negotiation. Joshi taunted, said that Ramji wanted to degrade Jijabai. He asked them to come to court. Varchand started to respect Jijabai, even in crisis she wanted to negotiate.

Hitesh refused to come to court. Joku remined Ramji what Lawyer said. Ramji recalled that all of his family would have to face punishment, Bhim Rao would lose his scholarship. Deepak’s mother, Daliya, Phuliya and rest of the chawl asked Ramji to let of the fight and adopt a child. Ramji’s subconscious reminded him not to adopt a child while everyone was forcing him to adopt a child.

Ramji felt dizzy, he fainted. His children gathered around him. They gave him water, Ramji woke up. Rama asked the man to tell Jijabai that Ramji was sick. Ramji asked the man to tell Jijabai that none of her wishes will be fulfilled until she comes to him herself. He knew that Jijabai was his wife if they live apart.

They both will die. Bhim Rao asked Anand to bring Ramji medicines. Bhim Rao wanted write Jijabai a letter. Ramji tried to stop him, but Bhim Rao refused to listen.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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