Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th January 2021 Bala walks away. Bhima says we must respect Baba’s way even if it is different than yours. He became a Subedar, studied so much yet has chosen a job where he has to wash utensils. Bhimbai overhears it as well. Bhima says it is so we can have a good life. Flashback is shown. Bhima tells Bala that you can see nhow I will try to achieve the same motive that you want to accomplish.

Maharaj cannot understand what Bhima will do with 13 aane. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh are sure he must be up to something. Maharaj is positive that Bhima wont succeed.

Bhima tells Bala to remember how he had lied on the floor when he wasn’t allowed inside the class. Ambedkar Guru ji had supported me back then when we were returning home today. he added that putting something on display and struggle are 2 different things. Don’t let the first one become too much or the bubble will burst. Bala says I also have some patience of my own. Ram ji says you will do good if you will follow Guru’s words. Bala walks away. Ram ji asks Bhima how he found out about the nature of his job. Bhima tells him. don’t think so much. Now I know the importance of education in one’s life. No job is big or small. Don’t try to lie to me as I haven’t learnt to lie from you. I don’t want to lie now. Ram ji caresses his head sweetly. I am grateful that you have become so smart. Wish Bala could be as smart as you. Bhima assures him that he will. He is just a little short tempered but don’t worry. Anand takes Bhima inside. Bhimbai confronts her husband. She breaks down when he admits the truth. She holds his hands. A woman smiles when her husband is happy but she cries when he looks helpless. He wipes her tears and nods at her reassuringly.

Bala tells Puranjan he cannot see Bua in that condition. My blood is boiling. Puranjan says I feel the same way when I go to my home. So much happened when I was away and I couldn’t do anything! Bala wonders why they are so helpless. We keep quiet when a guy keeps my mother’s earrings. We still keep quiet when he pushes my Bua. We must do something now. Puranjan says we know that our caste is low but this Maharaj believes that we are nothing but insects. Bala says let’s kill Maharaj then. Puranjan agrees. They decide to come up with a plan.

Bhima and Anand bring a cot for Kundan. They took my Aayi’s earrings in return of his cot. We haven’t touched it so it isn’t maligned. He asks the other guy to keep the cot down. The guy obliges. Bhima asks Kundan to return his Aayi’s earrings to him now. Kundan refuses. He asks the other villagers to not focus on them. Bhima refuses to leave from there till the time he will accept the cot and return his mother’s earrings. Kundan tells him to do whatever he wants. Bhima and Anand start chanting slogans. Kundan looks at Bhimbai’s earrings. I wont give it to them at any cost! He keeps them in a trunk and sits down. His wife gives him tea. Why be bothered because of this kid from lower community? He tells her to mind her work. Villagers look on intently as Anand and Bhima relentlessly ask for their mother’s earrings.

Bhimbai asks Meera to have tea. Meera feels bad. Everyone is going through so much trouble because of me. You spent so much money in my treatment. It would have been better if I had died instead! Ram ji tells her not to think so much. Life is all about facing all the obstacles that will come our way! Tulsa tells them what Bhima and Anand are doing. Bhimbai tells her husband to stop them. I don’t want my earrings. Ram ji stops her. It isn’t about your jewellery but about someone taking advantage of your helplessness. He should know that he did wrong. It is about standing with the one who is right. She wants to be with Bhima but he wants Bhima to learn to fight alone. We will not be around him forever. People who walk with someone’s support all the time end up becoming weak. I am off to work. You should not try to stop them either.

Puranjan is holding a knife. Maharaj organizes Sabha daily. I will kill him in front of everyone. That will set an example for everyone. Plus, I am crippled. I wont mind going to jail in this condition!

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh are at Kundan’s place. They decide to take care of Anand and Bhima permanently. Mangesh and Kundan cover Bhima and Anand’s mouth. Dhansukhlal orders them to throw the kids in ditch. We will do purification later. Bhimbai asks for her earrings just then. The men look back in surprise. Bhima and Anand free themselves. Bhima tells Seth ji that they cannot cover a person’s mouth like this. The more you will try to stifle our voice, the more voices will rise against you. People from lower community surround those handful men. Anand asks Dhansukhlal what if these people will try to kill them as you are outnumbered. Dhansukhlal says we aren’t saying anything now as you are greater in number. We will not back out from our plan ever!


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Puranjan and Bala are near Maharaj’s Sabha. Puranjan asks Bala to promise him that the fire that he has started will not be blown out at any cost. Bala promises him. Puranjan takes a step towards Maharaj. Anand tells his family what Bala and Puranjan are up to.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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