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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th August 2020 Bhimbai is talking to herself. I forgot that incident completely. That reminder is giving me a little peace now. I hope you are fine wherever you are! A guy tells her just then that she is right. He is fine. She asks him where he is. Did you meet him? Flashback shows a guy telling Ram ji’s boss that Ram ji saved all the rebellions and hid somewhere when police was looking for him. He is an amazing guy now. Flashback ends. Bhimbai is worried but he assures her that Ram ji is retired Subedar. He knows how to take care of himself. He shares the previous incident where his opinions were different than the rebellions. He is like that which is why we respect him so much. She says whenever I think like a woman; I feel that my husband can do anything to help anyone. My son is following his footsteps. As a mother and a wife, I always wonder why they don’t think about me ever. He nods. You are right to think so. Ask Ram ji yourself when he will be back. Bhima asks them about his Baba. Bhimbai offers to do it before Ram ji’s boss can tell him anything. Other family members come outside as well. Bhimbai lies to everyone. He is working at a faraway place so he can earn more money. Bhima asks the boss if he had any idea how worried they were. Aayi was so scared and even I used to have headaches at night because I was so worried. Bhimbai looks at Ram ji’s boss with pleading eyes. He plays along. Bhimbai thanks him for his help as he takes their leave. Bhimbai decides to hide the truth from everyone till the time Ram ji returns home.

Anand tells Bhima not to be worried. Baba will be home soon with gifts for all of us. Bhima is still sad and so is Bala. Meera says you can ask him when he is back. He will bring maximum gifts for Bhima. Manjula says he will bring a lot of stuff for me too. Ganga says I feel Baba will bring a necklace for Aayi this time. He loves you very much. Bhimbai gets emotional. Bhima says we will ask him to bring one if he wont bring it himself. Meera agrees. Bhimbai tells them to let him come home first. Dhruv comes to play with Bhima. Bhimbai happily tells Bhima to go. Dhruv asks Bala to play with them but he speaks of some chores. Bhima and Dhruv offer to help him but Bala says Anand will help me. Anand says villagers will be shocked to see a jeweller’s son working at our place. Dhruv doesn’t mind. Villagers should change their outlook. This will happen only when a jeweller’s son will work in Sakpal’s house and vice versa. Bhima says e have seen you changing. It has proved that the world will surely change. Bhimbai advises him to change the world later. Go and play now. Bhima leaves with Dhruv. Bhimbai thinks kids begin to act mature when their father is away. They still have a father though. Come back soon please.

Meera knows Bhimbai is keeping something to herself. She tells Ganga it will worsen her health if she wont share it.

Dhruv brings Bhima to their school. I have left Baba’s home. I want you to ask Bala Bhaiya to take me with him to play instruments. Now I neither have a place to stay nor food to eat. I do want to do something on my own though. I enjoy playing instruments. Bhima tells him he dint do the right thing. This is your age to study and not to work. Dhruv says it is humans who have written / divided people on the basis of religions. You can work with gold and I can play instruments. I only know this. Help me if you want to or let it be but I will only do what I have sent my mind on! Bhaskar comes to meet Bhima. Dhruv leaves. Bhaskar asks Bhima what happened. Bhima says my friend is saying weird things today. I will talk to him later. What happened? Bhaskar shares that he cannot stop thinking of his Bhabhi. I want her to get justice. I dint want to go to your home and I cannot speak to someone else about this. Tell me what I should do.

Meera and Ganga notice Bhimbai lost in her own thoughts. They sit next to her. Bhimbai is startled. What happened? Ganga asks her to share what’s bothering her. Bhimbai denies but Ganga remains persistent. Meera says I too have a right to know if my brother is in trouble. Will you keep torturing yourself only? Bhimbai tells them the truth. Meera supports Bhimbai in hiding the truth from the kids. Why are you so worried? My brother is well educated and worked in army. He will be home soon. You dint do anything wrong. You lied so as to relieve the kids of the stress everyone was going through lately. Bhima went outside to play after so many days. Don’t worry now. Ram ji wont be doing anything wrong. It is in his nature to help others. It isn’t wrong. Bhimbai cries. I just hope he comes in front of me soon. I feel so scared. Meera hugs her. Ganga assures her that Baba will be home soon.

Bhaskar tells Bhima it will be wrong. I gave that blank page to my brother willingly so he wont support our parents in doing whatever they want. Bhima speaks of what his parents did at Sakpal House the other day. What that right? Bhaskar says I don’t know but I will be proved a liar if I do that. Bhima tells him to have peace with it for a while till they get justice for his Bhabhi. Bhaskar agrees to do as planned.

Bala asks Dhruv if he is mad. Have you lost it? Does anyone from your community play instruments? Your Baba will break your bones. Dhruv says I left that house. I am free now. I want to show him and the world that I too can do / achieve something. Even I enjoy playing instruments like you. Bala walks away. Anand questions Dhruv on his decision but Dhruv wants to prove everyone that he can do something too. I went to tell this to Bhima but he dint listen to me either. Bhaskar ji came to meet him so I left. Anand gets curious about Bhaskar which irks Dhruv. He walks away in a huff. Anand still cannot stop wondering why Bhaskar went to meet Bhima.

Bhima tells his brothers their plan about exposing the truth behind Bhaskar’s Bhabhi’s death in front of everyone. I know Bhaskar’s brother wont return him that blank paper. He is very greedy and a greedy man cannot let go of anything that can be of help to him. He would have taken Bhaskar ji’s words for real. Now he wont give him that piece of paper ever. He will try to get everything in his name then. Bala asks him how this will help them get justice for Bhaskar’s Bhabhi. Bhima reasons that Bhaskar’s brother and parents are equally greedy. Truth will be out when those three people will clash over that one piece of paper. Anand says you sometimes say things which are tougher than the syllabus. Bala seconds him. Bhima tells them to wait for the right time. Anand asks Bhima if he is sure Bhaskar’s Bhabhi will get justice. Bhima is positive. Bhimbai has overheard everything and looks at them.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhaskar’s father holds his elder son by his collar angrily. I killed both your wives for your sake and this is how you will repay us? Bhaskar looks at him in shock. Bhima comes there with police captain. Arrest him. He has just confessed that he has killed both his DIL’s himself.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2020
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