Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd November 2022 Rama asked Bhim Rao to put him in her shoes, he would understand what happened. Rama turned around and slept. Bhim Rao sat in despair besides her.

Phuiya hustles with Joku to give her the money. Joku protested, he earned the money. Phuliya defied, can not see her husband do wrong.

Joku pushed Phuliya, wound cut open on her forehead. Joku told Phuliya that it was his responsibility to earn money as a husband. He forbids her from interfering in his matter or else he would send her to her family. He asked Phuliya to apply medicines on her wound. Phuliya left.

She came out crying. Bala’s wife saw her, went to see why she was crying. Bala saw the wound on Phuliya’s face, she questioned her. Phuliya told that she hit her head on a wall. Bala’s new she was lying because she has lied as well. Bala’s wife asked Phuliya to fight for this or she would never heal. Phuliya was strong to defend herself now or Joku would hit her again and again.

He hit her in dark but sooner he would hit her in broad daylight. Phuliya was ready to get beaten from Joku, she didn’t want to do what Bala’s wife was doing to Bala, but Phuliya refused to destroy her home. Phuliya left. Bala asked his wife to understand. She told Bala that everyone in the family has asked her not to talk about a breaking her marriage but now she wont go with Bala anywhere until she starts believing in him.

Rama woke up to see Bhim Rao sitting besides her. Rama asked why he didn’t sleep. Bhim Rao was waiting to apologize to her. He was sorry for not waking her up, not understanding what he left her in. He was sorry for making her cry.

Rama asked why he didn’t wake her up when knew that she slept crying. Bhim Rao told that the needed time to understand, the night he spent awake made him understand Rama. Rama told that she was also a culprit. Bhim Rao questioned; Rama decided to tell him over the tea.

Deepak saw Bala sitting outside chawl. He stopped and asked Bala. Deepak understood that he had to drink tea for losing the challenge, didn’t want to be humiliated. Bala’s wife brought him tea, asked him not to care what others think of him. She gave him tea. He drank it. It was her first win, and the relationship that was breaking off got a new spirit. A Man entering chawl asked Bala about Ramji’s house. Bala told that he was Ramji’s son.

The man told he was Jijabai’s neighbor who came here to get her remaining stuff. Bala taunted as she has already sent over a lawyer. The man questioned; they asked Jijabai to report a complaint, but she refused saying that it was impossible to win against Bhim Rao in court. Bala wondered who the lawyer was. Bala asked the man if he was lying. The man refused, asked Bala to tell him about Ramji’s house. Bala took the man with him.

The lawyer was eating spice with eat in morning. Joshi and Varchand came asking if that combination was his secret to success. The lawyer questioned; he was helping Jijabai out of good but still people here making fun of him. Bala told lawyer that he was lying. The lawyer questioned. Jijabai’s neighbor told that she sent not Lawyer. Varchand asked Lawyer to tell who sent him here.

Bala threatened, said that Bhim Rao would find the truth anyhow, if not here than in court. The lawyer asked if he should tell, than laughed. The lawyer, Joshi and Varchand laughed all together. Joshi turned to Bala, he got to know about the truth and shouldn’t make Bhim Rao work for it. The lawyer told Bala that he was one of Varchand’s men. Bala was headed home to tell Bhim Rao. Varchand ordered his men to stop Bala.

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