Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd January 2022 episode Joshi threatened to destroy Rama and Bhim Rao, he left afterwards. Rama had brought lunch for Bhim Rao, she left for work.

Joshi was in hustle, shouting Bhim Rao’s name. The man who from whom Rama worked stopped Joshi asking him about Bhim Rao. Joshi asked his concern. He informed that Rama worked in his shop.

Rama was angry at Bhim Rao. The woman inquired. Rama informed that Bhim Rao was on a mission to collect 20 children who wanted to study in order to file a case. the woman supported Bhim Rao and his stance for child education. She regretted the decision of not education her son, his inhume nature and behavior has become intolerable even his wife left him.

The man informed Joshi of his situation, at which Joshi laughed. He asked the man to humiliate Rama. It would sort things out for both of them.

Guruji tried to talk Bhim Rao out of his mission to gather 20 children. Bhim Rao denied, he had no choice otherwise children like Shankar would suffer forever. Guruji said that it wasn’t an easy task. Bhimabai had always told that renown ones are always those who do the unthinkable. Bhim Rao saw two children, went to them.

Bhim Rao questioned where the children were headed. They were going at work. Bhim Rao asked them to study instead, they would become a bigger person. Owner of a factory. The children requested Bhim Rao not to give them false hope. They left work. Guruji asked Bhim Rao to rethink his decision.

Lakshmi wanted to go to the festival and take rides, she asked Jijabai. She asked about the money. Lakshmi had 4 annas. Jijabai agreed. They both were leaving, Meera stopped them. Lakshmi questioned why Meera was after them.

Jijabai was irritated with her, asked Meera to step aside. Meera aggressively asked Lakshmi to hand over the 4 annas, since they weren’t Lakshmi’s earning. Meera reminded her of the slap. Lakshmi gave the money and left. Jijabai decided to separate Meera. Jijabai left. Meera will handle this house, Ramji and Anand can worry about their job.

Two men were playing cards. Bhim Rao questioned if they had children and what they did. Both men replied that their children worked in factory He called them for playing while their children work in factories.

The men replied that they took a break from work to play cards and relax. Bhim Rao asked them to send their children to schools for education, by not sending them they are committing a crime. Men said that there are more than 50 people they personally who commit the same crime. Bhim Rao wanted to know their name, he went to get a pen a paper to note it down.

The man went to Hitesh, questioned him about Bhim Rao and his nature. The man said that Rama worked in his shop, she likes him, and he likes her. Hitesh questioned because Rama has never spoken politely to another man instead Bhim Rao. The man said that Rama takes financial aid from her. He wanted to know Bhim Rao’s nature. Hitesh told that Bhim Rao was a very lighthearted man. Hitesh was asked to keep it a secret. He promised and left.

Ramji told Puranjan that he has decided to move back to Sitara after Bhim Rao’s separation. Ramji felt like losing. Puranjan warned him, he was the biggest source to Bhim Rao and must never think of leaving Bombay. Meanwhile a man cam hitting himself with a rope, he was all dressed. By showcasing his act, he was getting money. Puranjan questioned the need for hunger. Ramji decided to earn the same way.

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
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