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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With Guru ji tells the kids to take out their slates. Education Inspector is coming with Principal Sir. Greet him nicely. The kids nod. Principal and Education Inspector enter just then. Principal tells the kids that the inspector will question them on their syllabus to see how well the teacher is teaching and how nicely the kids are absorbing the information. Inspector asks them about Vasco De Gama. The kids remain silent.

One kid says they haven’t been taught this. Bheema taps at Anand’s shoulder. We have been taught this. Inspector says this chapter should have been over by now. Another kid seconds him. guru ji asks him how he is saying this. Inspector questions Guru ji. Bheema says he has taught us but we don’t remember it. The kids oppose him but Surendra supports Bheema. Inspector praises Bheema for being honest. He takes Bheema outside. Principal tells the kids to wait till the Inspector leaves.

The kids get upset with Bheema. Guru ji would have been blamed for it if it wasn’t for Bheema’s honesty. We must teach him a lesson. Let’s tear his books. Surendra objects but they threaten him to be quiet.

Inspector tells Bheema to remain honest always. Lies can soothe you for the time being but ultimately, it is truth which helps you grow. He gives a small prize to Bheema. Anand smiles.

Kids tell Surendra that this is the result of Bheema’s heroic act. Bheema and Anand return to class but they are heartbroken to see their books torn. Anand confronts the kids. They admit doing it. Will you hit us now? Surendra sits sadly among them. The kids aren’t bothered by Anand’s angry stares and mock him. Bheema is very sad. Anand runs out of the school looking for something.

Bheema picks his books sadly. Anand picks a stick and returns to school but the good Guru ji stops him. Guru ji tells him that this will not just force them to leave school but the village. Anand asks him why they tore their books. Guru ji asks him if he wants to put an end to his and Bheema’s studies. Anand throws away the stick reluctantly.

Surendra apologizes to Bheema. I couldn’t stop them. They were unjust to you. Guru ji and Anand come there. Bheema says everyone tore my books. Guru ji advises him to have patience. Kids shouldn’t have done this. This is indiscipline. Ask your Baba to bring new books for you. Bheema thinks of what he had overheard last night. I wont say anything to Baba. He doesn’t have money right now. He earns menial amount after a lot of hard work. Guru ji is touched by his honesty. Stay honest like this only. You will go a long way. Anand assures Bheema they will fix the books with glue. Bheema says our parents will panic if we make glue at home. Surendra suggests them to stay here only after school. I will bring glue for you. Guru ji tells Bheema not to worry. Both of them will help you. Let me raise this matter with Principal. Bheema nods.

Guru ji tells Principal what the kids have done to Bheema. You should punish them for their misdeed. Principal asks him if he isn’t too partial towards Bheema. Guru ji says I am a teacher and Bheema is such that everyone will support him. Principal says I agree he is very good but we cannot punish other kids because of him. Guru ji asks him if they will let the kids bully Bheema. Principal advises him to focus on other kids as well.

Bhimbai asks Meera to bring veggies and Bhimbai and Manjula head home.

Anand wonders if Surendra will fool them but Bheema calls him nice. Surendra returns just then. he shares that he lied to his mother about taking glue. He sits down to help them but Bheema tells him to leave. People will taunt you if they will see you. Surendra sits next to Bala. We will see what happens. Let me help you. All 4 of them glue the books back together.

Ram ji is lifting the sacks again.

Few thieves are waiting for an opportunity to look. They notice Bhimbai and Manjula coming from there. One of them is worried that they will have to struggle with the women of lower community while another guy says no one will see us here. this is a secluded area. They surround Bhimbai and Manjula. Give us your valuables. She says I don’t have anything valuable. I spent my money in buying this oil. They try to snatch the box from her hand. She argues that Bheema has to study. I cannot give it to you. She shouts for help. Manjula bites on one guy’s palm and hits him with a stick. Bhimbai picks a stick as well. I said I wont give oil! How will Bheema study? People blow out lanterns when my Bheema tries to study at their place! I will kill you if you try to touch the box! One of the guys still manages to pick it. They all run away. Bhimbai falls down while chasing them. She cries loudly. Please give it back. How will my Bheema study? Manjula is in tears as well.

Phool Chand falls down while keeping the sack in place. Puranjan gives him water. Munshi asks everyone to get back to work. He isn’t dead. He tells Phool Chand to go home. Why do you come here if you aren’t well? Phool Chand requests him to let him work. I need money. Munshi argues but Phool Chand offers to bring his son with him tomorrow. You can pay for one person. Ram ji offers to lift the sacks on his behalf as well. Pay him full money. Munshi asks him if he is related to him. ram ji denies. Both of us are poor after all! Munshi agrees.

Meera returns home before Bhimbai and Manjula. Bhimbai cries as she narrates the incident to Meera. Bheema, Anand and Bala stop at the door to listen to their convo. Bhimbai is worried for the kids. How will they study? Meera says people run away from our shadows but it is not applicable when it comes to stealing stuff from us. Bhimbai wonders how the kids will study now. I couldn’t take oil again as I took less money with me. We must get it by evening or the kids wont be able to study. A lady invites them for bhajan sandhya.

Bheema walks up to his mother. You and Baba work so hard for my studies. Bhimbai says all parents do it. He denies. Not all parents do what you two do. Bhimbai hugs him.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Annual race is announced by the coach. Whoever wins the race will be going for district level. Bheema is eager to join. Guru ji also supports him. Ram ji comes there with his sons. Bheema is told to run in the corner most line if he really wants to take part in the race. Kids argue as to how Bheema can run with them. Coach tells them to push Bheema in case he runs and is able to run faster than them. One of the kids actually pushes Bheema as he tries to go faster.

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Telecast Date: 3rd January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv and Zee5


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