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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Puranjan says I have seen many such antics but by playing that drama today, I have realized how much pain is inside the artists. I will tell these stories to your kids when they will grow up. Ram ji tells him against it. My kids should never know about any of this. I only want to make their own life better and overcome their struggles. What will happen by knowing the struggles of their parents? Let’s go home now. It is late.

Bheema, Anand and Bala return home. Bhimbai asks them what happened. They relate the incident to their mother. Bheema asks his mother to come. Let’s explain it to everyone. Bhimbai asks him what he will say and who will listen to them. We aren’t even allowed to be there. Why did you go there? Bala says we were coming home only and it happened to be on our way. Bheema stopped by to hear everything. Bhimbai tells him to understand. We have to stay in this society itself. Bheema asks her if they should watch someone do injustice to someone. She tells him to understand but he says I am trying to understand but is this the way to behave with a woman. Let’s bring Kaki home. Bhimbai loses her cool. I will slap you! Do you even realize what you are saying? One, she wont come here considering our caste and two, they will kill us if they will find out about it. Meera asks him if he cannot figure out what kind of people are they living around. Bhimbai says that woman should always understand that she shouldn’t be doing such things. Ganga says men can do anything but a woman will be blamed even if she isn’t at fault. She goes outside and starts washing clothes. Bheema says that lady is innocent. She even swore upon her kids. Bhimbai says it might be true but she should have taken care of things knowing what kind of a society she is living in. Life becomes a curse if a man banishes his wife from his life! She tells Ganga to go back. They will otherwise keep your kids and leave you. How can a woman live without her husband and kids? Ganga says I am not at fault. Bhimbai agrees. Even the lady Bheema is speaking about is innocent but what if you meet the same fate? Go home. Meera says we do feel good when daughters visit home for a few days but it becomes a problem when she stays longer. Bhimbai tells her to understand. Ganga asks her mother if she has become a burden on them. Bheema overhears the last bit and asks his mother how his sister is becoming a burden on them. Bhimbai and Ganga laugh it off. Bheema says sisters are not a burden. Don’t think unnecessarily. He asks his mother to give them food. I am hungry. Meera goes inside with Bheema. Ganga cries outside.

Dhruv (Narayan’s son) throws stuff angrily at his father’s shop as soon as he returns. A customer is sitting there but Narayan caters to his son first. Dhruv says Guru ji only praises Bheema. No one considers us worth anything. A competition has been announced. You know how intelligent Bheema is. He will certainly win. I don’t want him to win! I don’t know what I should do. Narayan stops him from crying or messing things. I will make sure Bheema wont excel in the competition. Push him from a good height tomorrow. He will be hurt so he wont be able to give the exam resulting in him failing the competition. Dhruv likes the idea. He goes inside happily. Customer tells Narayan his logic was strange. It is okay if your son wont win but it is a problem if some other kid comes first? Narayan refuses to show him any jewellery. The customer leaves.

Bhimbai tells her husband about that lady’s plight. Bheema is disturbed since then. Talk to him. He will be fine. Ram ji tells him to let him be. It is a good thing to feel someone else’s pain. Have you heard of the story of Gautam Buddha? We should leave people face situations on their own. It helps people fight and the person turns out to be something worthwhile. Neither of us should say anything to him. Bhimbai agrees. Ram ji says it is very late. Ask the kids to sleep now. She notices color around his neck and cleans it. He says it might have happened during work. She asks him what he does. He lies to her about his job. Ask the kids to sleep now. Bhimbai does not look so convinced.

Bala is feeling cold at night. He pulls at Anand’s blanket as well. Ram ji and Bhimbai tell them to sleep. Bheema recalls Panchayat’s decision. Kaki must be feeling cold as well. He is in a fix thinking about his mother’s and father’s words. He picks his blanket and is going out when he notices Ganga shivering in her sleep. He covers her with her blanket again before going out of the house.

Bheema finds the lady crying in a corner. He gives her his blanket. She looks at him in surprise. She recalls how he had revolted against Panchayat’s decision in the morning. She throws the blanket back at him. I don’t want something that you have touched. He tells her to save herself from the cold but she refuses. My in-laws have ruined my this birth. Do you want to ruin my life after death? Dint you see how powerful the society is? One must abide by its rule. Leave. Don’t try to help me ever again. Bheema keeps the blanket near her. I am leaving it here. If you are not taking this because you fear society then you can use it now. It is dark and no one will see you wearing it now. Keep it back here in the morning. She asks him if he wont tell anyone. He declines. She asks him what she should say if someone questions her. He tells them to let everyone guess. Don’t say anything. She covers herself immediately. I bless you. You will become a very big man. People will look up to you. Anyone shivering in cold like this will have only one support – Bheema Rao! Bheema smiles but his smile is short lived as he notices Ganga leaving stealthily.

Bheema confronts Ganga. Where are you off to? She says I have a train at 3 am. Let me go. He says you used to cook our favorite food 3 days before leaving. You will leave without telling us? Tell me what it is. She tries to divert him but in vain. He wipes her tears. Ganga shares something (in mute). Bheema feels bad and starts crying. Please don’t cry. Come home with me. You are not a burden on anyone. He holds her hand. They eye the lady sadly as they head home.

Next morning, Ram ji if angry with Bhimbai and Ganga for hiding the truth. Father’s role is important in some situations. He might find a solution. I will speak to my SIL. Ganga is sure he wont listen to anyone. Ram ji says he isn’t that bad. He was in army and he was thrown out because of his caste. He lost his other job as well. I can understand his plight / mental state. He has lost his earnings but the expenses are same. I can understand. Behavior of people change in times of struggle sometimes but he will surely understand. Ganga shakes her head. Bhimbai tells him to take Ganga back to her home. We will manage things. Meera seconds her. The differences will continue to increase otherwise. Bheema refuses. My sister wont go until Jija ji will come to take him. I cannot see her like that lady. She is not a rude. She will stay here for as long as she wants. I am her brother. I cannot see her become like that Kaki in front of me. Ganga hugs him and cries.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
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