Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st December 2021 episode Jijabai stopped herself from crossing the partition, she was furious at Bhim Rao and his new motives. Lakshmi was furious as well, Anand stopped her. Ramji asked if Jijabai would cook today or not.

Jijabai and Lakshmi asked what they would do once the ration ends. Jijabai was angry, said that Ramji wants everyone to suffer because of Bhim Rao.
Joshi was roaming on streets drunk and expressing his concerns for Bhim Rao’s defeat.

Rama brought food for Bhim Rao, asked him to eat. It took a lot for her to make the food. She wouldn’t eat without Bhim Rao. She was worried about Shankar, started crying. Bhim Rao comforted her. They both fed each other. Joku saw them from a corner.

Joku on his way home stopped beside Phuliya who was sleeping outside. He woke her up, asked her to come inside her house. He wanted Phuliya to return back. She may punish him, but by living by his side. Phuilya started crying. Joku hugged him. Mangesh saw them, he smiled and left.

Bhim Rao praised the cooking. Feeding Bhim Rao was Rama’s responsibility, but she was still mad at Bhim Rao while he was still determined on his stance to work as a sweeper and find 20 children. Rama left.

Jijabai offered Ramji tea; he didn’t take it. She put it besides him and sat in corner. Ramji reminisced the time his family followed traditions but now everyone has changed. Meera taunted that not only time, but people change as well. Jijabai understood her taunts, but she didn’t care, asked Meera to take her tea from kitchen.

Ramji questioned the tea. Jijabai made tea from sore milk. It was due to be happened following Ramji’s pension being denied. Anand asked Jijabai not to make him tea but serve Ramji with freshly made tea. Meera agreed. Lakshmi asked Ramji to question Ramji. Anand stopped Lakshmi put she refuted. Ramji silenced everyone, said that everything was Bhim Rao’s fault. Puranjan informed Ramji that Mangesh was no where to be found.

Ramji and Puranjan were leaving to search Mangesh. Joku said that he left after seeing him apologizing to Phuliya last night. Phuliya told that Mangesh stayed here to help her, he wanted to ease things for her and then move back to Satara.

She predicted that he might have left. Phuliya called Bhim Rao. Rama came and said that he went on work. Phuliya praised Bhim Rao as human and a husband, his patience and deeds altered Phuliya’s perspective. Jijabai warned everyone not to speak about Bhim Rao in front of her.

Bhim Rao was sweeping the road when he found Joshi lying on the corner unconscious. He spilled water on him, woke him up. Joshi questioned what he was doing here. Bhim Rao sensed a pungent smell coming from Joshi. Joshi questioned Bhim Rao’s audacity to spill water on him. Meanwhile, Joshi’s worker came running to him.

Joshi’s friends were finding him, they had an exam today. He was about to leave when Rama came. Taunted Joshi, one gets what one gives. Joshi would never reach examination hall on time; he didn’t value his education. He wasted all his efforts to stop cease Bhim Rao’s examination. Joshi warned her not to speak another word. Bhim Rao asked Joshi to learn the lesson. Joshi threatened to destroy Bhim Rao and his family.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2021
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