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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Ram ji wipes Bala’s tears, hugs Anand and then goes out. Anand, Bala and Bheema share a group hug. Everyone smiles. Bhimbai asks Bala if the differences between father and son are over. Bala nods. Bhimbai says you made me the judge Bheema and you are a Barrister. Today you are accepting it in front of me that Bala will study and play music. Don’t deny this ever. Bheema assures her about it. Bhimbai announces the final decision as judge. Study and play music at home simultaneously. Bala thinks he does not want to play it at home but outside so I can help you at home. Meera tells them to get ready for school.

Bheema notices his Baba sitting tensed. He recalls his Baba’s words and goes to him. I overheard your convo with Puranjan Kaka the other day. I do understand you. I argued with you but don’t take it otherwise. Ram ji makes him sit in front of him. Always argue. I wont judge how right or wrong you were in Bala’s argument but I am sure that the one who does not argue can never do anything in life. Argument should be between truth and lie; justice and injustice; right and abuse; helplessness and abuse. Possibly, you wont come to a conclusion every time but it does create a difference. That is important. Ganga, who had been listening to them, asks Bheema if he understands everything that Baba says. He denies. But Baba says they will be clear at the right time and will help me too. Ganga and Ram ji smile. Ram ji tells him to get ready.

Principal is going on leave for a month and appoints a substitute Principal in his absence.

Meera says there would not be another kid like our Bheema. He talks so maturedly. Who has he gone after? Bhimbai says he must have taken after your brother. Ganga seconds her. She shares the recent convo with Bheema. He is something else altogether. Meera says his words hit the right chord. Bhimbai says people said outside that Ram ji Sakpal has only taught his kids how to talk big. Some of Bheema’s words hurt people too. I cannot ignore their words. Bheema must do something big when he grows up.

Shopkeeper tells Puranjan ans Ram ji there has been no sales in last 3 days. You will lose your job if no customer will come now. Puranjan assures him about it. Shopkeeper advises them to find another job if that does not happen. I cannot pay 2 people for no reason. Ram ji recalls how he had once seen 2 kids doing drama to sell things from their shop. He reminds Puranjan of the same. Puranjan is hesitant but Ram ji convinces him. Bala will go to earn money if I wont. Let’s do it for their sake. Puranjan says I have never seen a father like you and I am sure I never will. You always get me on your side. Shopkeeper asks them if they will do something or not. They tell him of their plan.

Guru ji tells the kids that the topper will get special privileges. His parents will be invited for dinner with Englishmen. You must appear in a special exam. Everyone raises their hands in excitement when Guru ji asks for participation. Anand says Bheema will top. Guru ji asks Bheema if he wont take part in it. Bheema says he will. It will bring fame to the school too. One must study hard for it. Guru ji praises him for using his excitement in the right direction. He gives his example to other kids who mock / taunt him instead. Anand retorts to him. Guru ji guides Anand and that kid to think in the right direction but the kid still speaks badly about Bheema. Guru ji tells him not to cross the line. Sit quietly or leave. The kid refuses to sit in his class and walks out.

Ram ji and Puranjan start their drama to attract customers to their shop. During the act, Ram ji gets serious as he recalls selling his wife’ jewellery. He still manages to turn the mood around. Lot many people buy sarees from their shop.

Anand tells Bheema to study hard to top the school. It will make our parents happy. Bala nods. I will seek Baba’s permission to play music when he will be in a good mood. Anand says there are more things in life beyond that. Bala says even I will make him proud. They overhear Sarpanch calling a woman characterless. They banish her from staying with them. The lady pleads innocence and swears upon her kids but no one believes her. Her husband breaks all their ties. She requests him not to blame her just because of a small doubt. You can take my test but don’t blame me for no reason. Sarpanch says men rule our society. We believe the men if they think that their wife is characterless. Bala asks Bheema to come but he tells them to wait. Panchayat announces that no one will keep any ties with this lady or help her in any way. She calls it unjust. I haven’t done anything wrong. Sarpanch says keep her away from all the kida especially her own. Bheema counters the decision. Mangesh shares his intro which irks Sarpanch all the more. They tell him to go away. Bala covers his mouth as he continues to argue. Bala and Anand take Bheema from there. Mangesh says we must do something about them. Sarpanch nods. We will do it at the right time. Everyone leaves ignoring the lady’s pleas. She cries.

Bheema recalls his Baba asking him to bring a bowl of water for the birds once. Ram ji tells him to always support who is all alone in life. Standing for the weak, the victims will bring lots of blessings for you which will make your life ideal. Bheema decides to help the lady.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
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