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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th August 2021Ramji question Bhim Rao who he got suspended. Bhim Rao explained him the entire incident with Joshi and calling police. Ramji said that Bhim Rao should have understood that they were conspiring against him. He advised him to ignore the everyday maters, life was already a long race for him. Bhim Rao agreed, he knew made a mistake. Ramji said that he wasted his fifteen days education because oh his mistake. He knew how much Bhim Rao valued education. Ramji left. Bhim Rao learned that he cannot spend time fighting every battle of his life. Joshi wasn’t successful instead Bhim Rao was unsuccessful. He promised himself that he won’t let Joshi be successful again. Rama came to Bhim Rao, fed her kheer Jijabai made in celebration of her shop. Bhim Rao asked her to comply with his wish, to study. Rama handed him the kheer, left in fury. Bhim Rao was determined for Rama’s education.

At night Bhim Rao put the chalk plate besides Rama, the one he took from Guruji. Rama woke up at night. Was wondering what was written on it, she went to Bhim Rao. He refused to tell, asked her not to disturb him. Rama said to be standing besides her until she gets her answer. After a while, Rama questions again. Bhim Rao answers that the quote encourages women to attain education as it makes them strong, and an education women makes grooms the society. Rama replied that she wasn’t an idiot, the quote that minimal words than how come it says what Bhim Rao translated. She thought that Bhim Rao wrote in Sanskrit that he would love her forever. Rama refused to learn; she knew that Bhim Rao was stubborn, but she wasn’t wrong as well. Rama left. Bhim Rao ought to find another way to educate her.
Next morning, Daliya amma praised the loads of work she received on the first day. A man went to Gegnesh asking how come he doesn’t have work in his shop though he was old worker of this place. Hitesh jerked the man. Hitesh was questioned for his misbehavior. He asked him not to lecture his brother. Hitesh sat on Gengesh’s place, asked him to bring Kerosene oil.

Jijabai gave tea to everyone, she gave it to Rama as well. the women mocked for serving Rama after she started earning. Jijabai replied that everyone who earned was well treated, she would accept Bhim Rao the day he would earn as well. she asked Bhim Rao to observe that shoes were being repaired to pay for his education. Ramji stopped Jijabai. She refused to remain silent today. Bhim Rao said that he would forever be grateful to his family for this. Bhim Rao left. Ramji couldn’t figure how to make Jijabi understand. Rama replied that Jijabai was right to say her mind like everyone else.

Bhim Rao was wondering how to educate Rama. Anand came him. He questioned why Bhim Rao was determined for her education. Bhim replied that since the day she ought to work and then make a shoe shop to pay for the living he wondered that she could have had a broader approach if she was educated. Anand said that Rama’s education would create more troubles in this house. Bhim Rao was of the view that if he had an educated wife, they would understand each other better and would never have any misunderstanding. Bhim Rao said that he found a solution to make her educate. He left.

Bhim Rao went to a boy, he called him Kapil. The boy was about to take his blessings, Bhim Rao stopped him as he didn’t like being touched on the feet. The boy replied that taking Bhim Rao’s blessing was essential for him, he was a thief, but Bhim Rao helped him and taught him the essence of education. Bhim Rao was the boy’s Guru. Bhim Rao asked for a favor, he asked Kapil to deliver a letter to Rama. Bhim Rao asked for a pen and paper and wrote a letter.

Ramji was worried about the month’s rent. He was tensed that the landlord would ask them to leave while he talked to Puranjan about it. Kapil came to Ramji, he greeted him and then left. Puranjan questioned. Ramji replied that Bhim Rao educated him, he has been affiliated to him since.

The boy went to Rama asking for Bhim Rao, he had to give him a letter. Rama asked for the letter, but he didn’t give her, exactly how Bhim Rao told him, he said that he cannot give this letter to anyone else than Bhim Rao. Rama would say that she was his wife and then snatch it from him. Kapil left as per Bhim Rao’s instruction. Rama asked Deepak to translate it for her, he gave it a read and replied that the letter was in English, he doesn’t understand. Rama asked him to focus. He read that the letter was written to Bhim Rao from a girl named Gomti. Rama was shocked.

Bhim Rao was apologetic for pretending to be Gomti, he knew that Rama would cry and protest. He was ready to bare it all for her education.

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