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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd October 2020 Kaki and Madhvi and leaving when Kaki’s son confronts her. I can do anything to save our family’s integrity. She notices the khasiya in her. is this what you will do to your mother now? He insists that he can do anything. Ram ji asks him how he can speak to his mother like that but the kid tells him to keep out of it. Bhima supports his Baba. You cannot do this to your aayi. The boy isn’t bothered. His mother tells him to do whatever he wants to but she wont stop. He challenges her. She tells him to kill her then. He raises his hand but stops. She says I was so concerned about your pain when you used to get hurt in your childhood and you want to kill me today. Let’s go, Madhvi. He shouts after her never to come back. We share no relation anymore. He drops the khasiya unhappily. Ram ji heads home with Bhima.

Villagers notice Kaki’s boy standing and ask him about Madhvi. Bhima and Ram ji are still hiding nearby. Bhima says they will be caught if he will tell them the truth. Dhansukhlal repeats his question. The boy declines. Dhansukhlal asks him what he is doing here. He asks the villagers about his Aayi. She went that way only. I was looking for her. Mangesh says why will we even bother. Stop wasting our time. they head off in a different direction.

Bhimbai asks Puranjan about Bhima and Ram ji. Puranjan and Meera reassure her that they will be safe. Dhruv comes just then. He tells them what had happened once they left home. Bhima and Ram ji com as well. Bhima hugs his Aayi. She asks him if he is fine. He nods. Dhruv asks him about Madhvi. Bhima shares that Didi left for Pune with Kaki. Bhimbai looks at her husband in confusion. Ram ji smiles proudly. Your son has done a great thing today. He has shown a new path to a widow. Puranjan tells her to bless her son. He has earned it. Bhimbai asks him how he does it. Such things scare us and remind us of our community. You don’t just face them but you make sure things work out every time. How do you do it? Bhima says with courage and your blessings. She smiles and cups his face. Meera hugs him too. It is a miracle for us. You helped a girl who was ignored by her own society. Everyone congratulates him one by one. Bhima stands there with a sad face. Bhimbai asks him what happened. He hugs her tight. Bhima says that was just an alternative. It isn’t the right destination. It will be when nothing changes in a woman’s life even if she loses her husband. Life should be the same way as it was before and she should play the same roles like before. I failed in making it happen so we had to send Didi to the Ashram. It wasn’t the solution but just an alternative. Let’s finish the last thing now. It will be good if you are with me. She tries to object but he asks her to come with him.

Madhvi’s mother is distraught. What if you had agreed to live the way you were told to? People wouldn’t have been after her life then. Don’t know where she will be. Bhimbai tells her that Madhvi is safe and will lead a better life now. Madhvi’s mother asks her where she is. Bhimbai says she left your house, this villager and this society. That’s what my son came to tell you. Bhima shares everything with Madhvi’s mother. Bhimbai requests her not to cry. I can understand your pain as I am a mother too but you should be happy for Madhvi. She has gone away from this life. Now she will lead a better life. Bhima says she will spend her life in Ashram now and will never have to return here. Madhvi’s father questions him but Bhima refuses to tell him anything. He threatens Bhima of consequences. I will call everyone here and make you answer my questions. His wife stops him and asks Bhimbai and Bhima to leave. They head home. Madhvi’s father says people will drag Madhvi back here and everyone including Bhima will be punished. She asks him if he is doing this as Bhima gave his daughter a chance to live. All of us left her to die. She is the same daughter who you have raised. You couldn’t bear to see her in pain. Why are you doing this today? We were wrong in forcing her to get married. We are forcing her to live another life. Let her go now. We were helpless when she was here. She will now atleast live her life. He asks her to leave his hand but she blocks his way again. You will have to listen to me as I am both a mother and a woman. I have followed the rules of this society till date but now I wont let her come back here ever. She broke the chains. Think of this situation as a father once. He begins to walk away when she tells him to come prepared to bid her final farewell. Why should I live when I have lost all my kids? Tell the society that you sacrificed your kids and wife for their sake! She picks up khasiya but he makes her drop it. She cries helplessly.

Next morning, villagers tell Dhansukhlal they checked everywhere but Madhvi is nowhere to be seen. Bhima is still at his home with his family but there is no clue about Madhvi. Dhansukhlal says he might have hidden her in his home. Mangesh seconds him. Dhansukhlal tells Bali to com to Sakpal House with Madhvi’s father. Mangesh vows to teach everyone a lesson.

Madhvi’s parents spent their night sitting outside. Madhvi’s father tells his wife that she is right. We wouldn’t have forced Madhvi to marry after Kamna’s untimely death but I was under pressure. None of this would have happened then. one must follow the rules of the society. She reasons that it is they who lost everything in the process. This was a lesson for us. It might be one or thousand of Madhvi’s but this society will never change. Bali calls out to Madhvi’s father.

Bala tells Dhruv to be ready. We have to go to a great place to play music today. Dhruv tells Ram ji he will pay him back some of the money today. Ram ji nods. Dhruv goes to get ready. Bhima asks his Baba if Madhvi would have reached Pune by now. Ram ji denies. Bhima says it would be great if we get their message somehow. Meera says it’s a long journey. Hope things go well. Bhimbai and Ram ji speak positively about it.

Villagers gather outside Sakpal House and question Bhima about Madhvi. Bhima shrugs. Pundit ji says it is a sin to keep people in the dark. Bhima says I genuinely don’t know where she is at present. Ram ji says you all are already in the dark. Mangesh says we must break their house to teach them a lesson. We will find Madhvi if she is inside or it will be a punishment to Bhima. They are about to attack when Puranjan walks in with police captain. Puranjan says there is so much unrest here which is why we submitted a request to deploy a constable here. Pundit ji explains his point of view to police captain. Bali tells Dhansukhlal that Madhvi’s father has refused to come here.

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