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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 2nd November 2022 episode begins with Joshi asking Rama to find her husband or the court would declare him a criminal. Lakshmi asked Joshi not to worry about it, asked Joshi to leave.

Rama asked Sethji to give her the money. Sethji gave her the money. Rama asked Lakshmi to distribute money amongst these people. The people refused; they were here to help Bhim Rao. Rama requested them, she left to find Bhim Rao and Rama.

Hitesh asked Joku and Janardan to give them the money. They were willing to buy new clothes from that money. Hitesh suggested them to buy a coat, like Bhim Rao. A coat would make them an equal to Bhim Rao. Deepak heard them. A man called Rama.

It was night, Rama was searching for Bhim Rao. Daliya came, she couldn’t find him. Rama was worried, wondered why he hasn’t returned or informed her about anything. Daliya comforted her.

Lakshmi asked Rama to come home, lawyer came to chawl with a new issue. Rama asked Lakshmi to give lawyer the respect, Bhim Rao ought to be a lawyer as well. Rama went to chaw.

Lawyer came with police asking for Rama who assured Bhim Rao’s return before night. He asked policeman to arrest Rama. By morning, everyone will hear about Rama’s arrest that might bring Rama back. Jijabai told him that Bhim Rao was his wife’s slave. Anand corrected him, said that Bhim Rao was a responsible husband. Lawyer wanted Policeman to ask Rama to come with them or will take her forcefully.

Joshi came, questioned the lawyer. He told him that Rama was Bhim Rao’s wife, she holds the same principles and values as him. Rama agreed with Joshi. Rama was ready to go with police. Anand wanted to talk it out. Rama refused; she was ready to go. Bhim Rao returned with Ramji and Meera. Since they have retuned, police were not obliged to take Rama with them. He was ready to fight the case in court as well.

Police was about to leave. Bhim Rao requested policeman not to arrest women after sunset, for a healthy culture. Policeman agreed. Rama told Joshi that he lost again, asked him to go and rest. Joshi awaits for the court’s verdict. Lawyer wondered how they would win in court, his own gave a written statement against him. Bhim Rao wasn’t astounded, if he can bring Ramji back, he can face court.

Rama asked about the people who gave statement against Bhim Rao. Deepak intervened; he threw money on floor. His mother questioned. Deepak told that this was money through which a statement against Ramji and Bhim Rao was bought. Hitesh questioned him for stealing his money. Deepak asked them to pick it up. Daliya asked how low they could go for money. Hitesh would do whatever it takes to get money. He went inside, Joku threatened Deepak for stealing.

Lawyer asked Ramji if he came back or was brought back. Bhim Rao asked why this was important. Lawyer needed to answer court who was the biggest culprit, Bhim Rao, or Ramji. Ramji told that he would have never returned but Bhim Rao brought him back. He asked lawyer to leave. Joshi mocked them, told that their lives were a drama. It was like episodes for him to watch.

Bhim Rao corrected him; their lives were a struggle. Varchand and Joshi revisit because they are afraid of those struggles baring fruits in future. Joshi remined Bhim Rao how he had to bring his father back home, his own brother and sister-in-law were not talking to each other. That’s not how Joshi describes struggles, he can never be afraid or threatened by it. Joshi smiled. Bhim Rao told Joshi how his smile and tense tone was a sign about his fluctuating opinions. Bhim Rao went inside.

Rama questioned Bhim Rao for not waking her up before leaving. Bhim Rao told that he was on mission to bring them back. Rama was mad, she made him his bed and asked him to sleep. Bhim Rao questioned her for being mad, he requested her to let it go. Rama made her bed. Bhim Rao asked what went bad.

Rama told that she left like him running away. She knew he didn’t runaway, but the thought came in her mind. She was afraid of losing him. Rama wouldn’t mind him being away in London for five years but cannot tolerate him being away for day without informing her first.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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